Hardness Testing as a Quality Control Tool in Heat Treatment and Welding

When:  Jul 16, 2024 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)
Associated with  ASM Online Member Community

Please join us as we discuss the use of hardness testing to evaluate the properties of the welding zones as well as the effectiveness of various heat treatment processes such as case hardening/case depth, carburization/decarburization, Jominy end quench test and hardenability of steels.

Description:  Process parameters in heat treatment or welding are selected and controlled to produce the desired microstructure and material properties. Hardness testing is increasingly being used as a powerful tool to verify the effectiveness of the processes to achieve the desired results and acceptable quality. Depending on the level of automation, a hardness tester can quickly generate a vast array of data that can be used in area mapping to visualize the heat treatment or welding results.

Speaker:  Brian Jones, Struers Applications Engineer

Brian Jones attended Hocking College for his associate degree in ceramic engineer and materials engineering. Prior to joining Struers LLC, he was employed in the automotive industry where he performed raw materials analysis testing, production support testing, and failure analysis, as well as working on several engineering projects to aid in processes development. Brian has worked as an applications engineer at Struers Inc. in Westlake, Ohio since May of 2015. He provides technical support to the Struers sales team and customers. In his free time, Brian enjoys building his blacksmithing equipment and skills.

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