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Materials data

  • 1.  Materials data

    Posted 05-10-2021 13:48
    A question for the community: Do we have enough materials data in the CLOUDS to meet the demand of MATERIALS 4.0, INDUSTRY 4.0, and INTERNET of THINGS (IoT)? If not, what are the obstacles and what should be done to meet the demand?

    Daudi Waryoba
    Associate Professor
    Penn State University
    Du Bois PA

  • 2.  RE: Materials data

    ASM Employee
    Posted 05-11-2021 09:04
    Great question, the short answer is no, there is not enough data available. We have been working with our members and getting a lot of feedback about the types of data that people need. Data around micrographs, data around uncertainty quantification, property data to feed machine learning models for ICME  are the most often discussed. AS ASM HQ we have a project called the Data Eco-System. the goal of the project is to help our members get access to the types of data, tools, and training they need to take advantage of Materials/Industry 4.0. Much like ASM has been the repository for Materials content, we now are beginning to build a repository of Materials data. We are starting with data that ASM already has but were also in discussions with many others to add datasets to the repository. We also heard that access to tools and education on data management, modeling, and simulation are also needed and we are expanding what we can offer in those areas as well. Our goal is to get the 1st release out before the end of the year and then new updates multiple times a year. A lot more communication will be happening soon.  thanks

    Ron Aderhold
    Acting Executive Director
    ASM International
    Materials Park OH
    (440) 463-5882