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    Washington DC Admin
    Posted 20 days ago
    Dear ASM Friends,

    The Washington DC Chapter of ASM International invites you a to free, virtual meeting on October 13 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST.

    Advances in Materials Technologies for Nuclear Applications

    Two recent advances in materials technologies are poised to enable new capabilities and potential for the nuclear power industry. Currently licensed fuel designs in the majority of light water reactors use uranium dioxide fuel enclosed within a zirconium alloy cladding. Years of research accompanied by 60 years of commercial reactor operational experience have optimized these fuels to achieve economic and safe operation of the current nuclear plant fleet. The events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power generating station coupled with recent material advancements have provided a strong motivation for the nuclear power industry, academia, and national laboratories to develop and transition to new fuel designs with an emphasis on improving safety, performance, and reliability for expected operating and accident conditions. However, for these Advanced Technology Fuels or Accident Tolerant Fuels (ATF) to achieve widespread adoption by the fleet of operating plants, they will need to provide additional safety and economic benefits over current fuels. In the course of developing the ATF technologies, novel approaches have been developed to monitor and assess fuel performance. Join us to discuss these novel, durable, and remote sensing technologies and the use of advanced robotics to inspect, monitor, and assess spent fuel and dry storage canister integrity for long-term storage applications.

    About the speaker
    Dr. Aladar (Al) Csontos is a Technical Executive in the Fuel, Chemistry, Low-Level Waste and High-Level Waste group in the Nuclear Sector working on Accident Tolerant Fuels and various nuclear waste issues. Prior to joining EPRI in 2016, he spent 16 years at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in various capacities. He served as the Chief of the Renewals and Materials and Long-term Spent Fuel Management Branches in the Division of Spent Fuel Management. He led teams of engineers responsible for technical safety reviews of commercial transportation cask designs, spent fuel storage cask designs, independent spent fuel storage renewals, reprocessing technologies, and consolidated interim spent fuel storage facilities. Prior to NRC, he worked at the Center for Naval Analyses. Dr. Csontos received his degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University (BS) and University of Virginia (Masters & PhD).


    7:00 pm Networking
    7:30 pm Presentation
    8:30 pm Q&A

    The virtual meeting will be hosted at Ring Central Meetings (ASM's Zoom client). There are three ways to attend:

    1. Download the Ring Central Meetings app on your desktop or phone:
    Meeting ID: 3995803236
    Password: Materials1

    2. Join from your browser on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
        Password: Materials1
    For the best audio experience, please use computer audio.

    3. Join via telephone at (470) 869-2200, Meeting ID: 399 580 3236
    International numbers are available:

    There is no charge for the meeting. Optional RSVP to to ensure you have a spot!

    Public meeting announcement

    Toni Marechaux
    Washington DC
    (202) 607-5000