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ASMI Cleveland & Pittsburgh Joint Meeting - Process Considerations for Forging Duplex Stainless Steel Rolled Rings

  • 1.  ASMI Cleveland & Pittsburgh Joint Meeting - Process Considerations for Forging Duplex Stainless Steel Rolled Rings

    Pittsburgh Chpt Admin
    Posted 05-13-2021 12:50

    May 2021 Technical Meeting & Awards Night
    Tuesday 5/18/21
    7:00 PM

    Special Topic: Process Considerations for Forging Duplex Stainless Steel Rolled Rings

    Guest Speaker: Sue Schreiner Click or tap to follow the link." data-linkindex="2">REGISTER HERE

    ASM International Cleveland Chapter invites you to attend our Tuesday, May 18th meeting.  Meeting starts at 7:00 pm. 

    Chapter Chair Dave Kovarik will do opening remarks, introduce our speaker and topic, with the presentation to follow.

    Please register and the link will be emailed to you in the registration confirmation email.


    Duplex stainless steels are widely used in the chemical processing, oil, and gas industries. Due to the increasing demand for energy, ever larger cast or forged parts are required in the offshore industry. In larger duplex stainless steel forgings, precipitation of detrimental phases can take place, with the likelihood of precipitation increasing as cross-sectional size increases. These detrimental phases can negatively affect the low temperature impact strength and corrosion resistance characteristic of this material family. Characterization of the mechanical and metallurgical properties and corrosion resistance of rolled ring products with large wall thicknesses are critical to assessing the success of forging and heat treating operations.

    Speaker: Sue Schreiner


    From cold heading to forging and steelmaking, Sue Schreiner has been an active metallurgist in multiple industries in the Northeast Ohio region for over 20 years. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2000 from Case Western Reserve University, and a Master's Degree in the same field in 2010. In her current role, Sue is the Metallurgist for thyssenkrupp rothe erde USA, Inc., where she is responsible for establishing and maintaining process requirements, materials process development, and failure analysis. From 2006-2016, Sue was a volunteer Materials Mentor, leading student groups annually during the annual ASM Eisenmann Materials Camp. She is also a former recipient of the ASM Cleveland Chapter's Technical Educator of the Year award. Outside of work, Sue is married to Phil Schreiner, another Cleveland Chapter member. She enjoys reading nonfiction and watching her son's numerous sports activities.

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