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Particulate reinforced polymer matrix composites

  • 1.  Particulate reinforced polymer matrix composites

    Posted 03-18-2021 10:40
    Dear connections,
    I need a help and guidance to prepare "Non organic Particulate reinforced polymer matrix composites" especially PET as matrix material and iron or alumina or silica in powdered form as reinforcement material.
    Request to guide on teh same. By a very raw method of compression molding it was possible to prepare samples for iron powder reinforced PET matrix composite. Results for compression, tension and flexural tests were encouranging.

    Yogesh DANDEKAR
    Assistant Professor
    Cummins College of Engineeirng for women, Nagpur

  • 2.  RE: Particulate reinforced polymer matrix composites

    Posted 30 days ago
    We deal with a lot of compression molded PTFE, PPS and PEEK composites.  Haven't used any iron or aluminum but bronze is very common to increase the thermal conductivity of the composite.  Are you looking to get samples provided or needing help writing a robust material specification?  

     If your just looking for a assistance on a spec you should seek to define the following:

    Blend / Composition 
    Grade / specs of each fillers 
    Mixing requirements
    Compression molding requirements
    Sintering requirements

    Once you define the above you can mold some samples and conduct tests to define the material properties (mechanical, thermal, tribological etc.).  Then change the above until you achieve the desired result.

    Paul Watts
    Director, Product Development Engineering
    CECO Compressor Engineering Corp
    Houston TX