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Notre Dame Speaker Series - Speaker Dr. Diana A. Lados

  • 1.  Notre Dame Speaker Series - Speaker Dr. Diana A. Lados

    Posted 05-06-2021 13:33
    May 2021 ‐ Our 101st Year  ASM Virtual Technical Session 


    Speaker:   Dr. Diana A. Lados, FASM     
    Milton Prince Higgins II Distinguished Professor     
    Director, Integrative Materials Design Center     
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute   

    Date:    Monday, May 17, 2021  

    Time:    Login 7:15 PM, Presentation 7:30 PM   Duration:  Approximately one hour; questions and answers to follow 

    Registration:  Please contact Rick Gordon by May 14, 2021.   

    Meeting login information will be sent to all who register.     

    Abstract:  There are many additive manufacturing (AM) processes that have been used for the fabrication and  repair of Ti‐6Al 4V components, and it is important to keep in mind that similar alloys produced  using various manufacturing methods will exhibit different mechanical properties due to the unique  thermal history of each process. This study systematically examines and compares the processingmicrostructure‐property relationships in Ti‐6Al‐4V alloys produced using three powder‐based AM  technologies: Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS), Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPB), and Electron  Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EBM). First, the thermal histories, microstructure evolutions, and tensile  properties of the materials will be presented and discussed. Further, the fatigue crack growth  behavior for different orientations (with respect to the deposition direction), stress ratios, and heat  treating conditions will be addressed, and damage mechanisms at the microstructural scale at  different crack growth stages will be identified. The results will then be reviewed from the  perspective of design for fatigue resistance and life predictions in high‐integrity applications.  Opportunities and directions towards qualifying structural AM parts will also be discussed, and a new  and effective methodology for rapid materials characterization and optimization for fatigue  performance will be proposed.      

    About the speaker: Dr. Diana Lados is the Milton Prince Higgins II Distinguished Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and the Founder and Director of the Integrative Materials  Design Center (iMdc), an industry‐government‐university consortium established at WPI in 2007.  iMdc is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of sustainable materials‐process‐component design and  manufacturing for high‐performance and reliability.  Dr. Lados received her B.S./M.S. in Mechanical  Engineering from Polytechnic University of Bucharest in 1997, her second M.S. in Mechanical  Engineering from Southern Illinois University in 1999 and her Doctorate in Materials Science and  Engineering from WPI in 2004.  Dr. Lados is credited with significant research contributions in the  areas of materials design, characterizations, evaluation and computational modeling for fatigue,  crack growth, and high‐temperature performance, as well as for her original work in materials  processing and advanced manufacturing.  Dr. Lados is the recipient  of numerous awards and honors,  including ASM Fellow‐Class of 2017, 2014 Brimacombe Medal from TMS, 2014 Ralph R. Teeter  Educational Award from SAE, 2013 Inaugural Constance Tipper Silver Medal from the World  Academy of Structural Integrity, 2012 ASM Silver Medal, a "Woman to Watch" in New England for  innovation and leadership, an NSF‐CAREER award and was chosen in 2010 by the National Academy  of Engineering (NAE) to participate in the prestigious Frontiers of Engineering symposia for both  exceptional research and innovative education.  She has authored more than 85 publications, 250  technical presentations and invited lectures and several book and patent contributions.  She is a  member of several professional societies (including ASM, TMS, Alpha Sigma Mu and Sigma Xi), has  organized symposia at international conferences and chaired several committees (including  Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A Board of Review, Material Advantage Committee, WPI  Chapter of Sigma Xi and Central Massachusetts Chapter of ASM).  Dr. Lados serves on ASM's Awards  Policy Committee and is the Vice President of Alpha Sigma Mu.

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