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January 12 2021 Virtual Technical Tour of Materials Dome: Joint Chapter meeting ASM BVC, ASM Lehigh and MRS UDel

  • 1.  January 12 2021 Virtual Technical Tour of Materials Dome: Joint Chapter meeting ASM BVC, ASM Lehigh and MRS UDel

    Brandywine Valley Admin
    Posted 4 days ago
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    Hello everyone, 

    I would like to invite you for the January Joint Technical meeting for ASM BVC, Lehigh Valley ASM and MRS UDel. The event will feature a virtual tour of the Materials Dome. 

    We will be meeting on January 12 2021 (Tuesday) logging in via ring central:

    Password: 025734; Additional Login details in the attachment)

    Signup link for the event:

    We hope to see you all in our January Virtual Tour !!

    ASM Brandywine Valley Chapter. 

    January Virtual Technical Meeting: Virtual Industrial Tour  

    Tuesday – January 12, 2021, 6 30 PM EST. 

    Virtual Tour of the Materials Dome & Live Demonstration of Material Characterization Tools

    Joint technical meeting: ASM Brandywine Valley Chapter, ASM Lehigh Valley Chapter and Materials Research Society University of Delaware.

    Live from ASM International Headquarters, Materials Park, Cleveland, Ohio. 


    Location: Virtual meeting with Ring Central:

    Password: 025734; Additional Login details below after the abstract)

    Signup link for the event:


    Networking 6:30 PM EST, Virtual Tour and Characterization Demo 7:00 PM EST , Cost: Free

    Abstract: The 45-acre campus known as Materials Park has been home to the headquarters of ASM International (formerly known as the American Society for Metals) for the past 52 years. Join us for the tour of the Materials Dome from your computers !! With an open latticework geodesic dome arching over a semi-circular office building, ASM International World Headquarters at Materials Park symbolizes humanity's technological mastery of materials. Hailed 50 years ago for its futuristic design, Materials Park is renowned today for its timelessness. In 2009, Materials Park was named to the National Register of Historic Places, and an exciting renovation was completed in July 2011. ASM's geodesic dome stands as a symbol of humanity's mastery of materials: from the minerals and laboratories they come from, to the processes that make them useful in ways that touch our lives every day. If it's manufactured, it involves materials. And if it involves materials, it involves ASM.

    The building serves an important educational role. The tour will also feature virtual demonstration of Materials Park's state-of-the-art materials laboratory featuring various metallography, heat treating, failure analysis and surface engineering equipment.

    Please sign up for the meeting using the google forms here

    Thank you, 
    ASM Brandywine Valley Chapter EC

    Sumedh Gostu
    Air Liquide
    Newark DE
    (540) 449-4920