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Intrusion Rate of Stainless

  • 1.  Intrusion Rate of Stainless

    Posted 07-24-2020 10:45
    Good Morning, 

    I have a customer asking if the intrusion rate is 2x the reduction rate failure for two of our stainless products (Custom 450 and LDX2101). This is not something I am familiar with and could not really find any information on.  Would anyone be able to help?


    Debbie Peterson
    General Manager
    Associated Steel Corporation
    Cleveland OH

  • 2.  RE: Intrusion Rate of Stainless

    Posted 08-05-2020 15:37
    Hi Debbie

    I am not sure if the client mean the deformation in the axial direction relative to that of the lateral one which he calls "reduction". If this is the case, the ratio between them is about 3 for most metals. This is the Poisson ratio . This means the intrusion rate is 3 times the reduction rate in the elastic mode of deformation..

    Waleed Khalifa.

    Waleed Khalifa
    Professor of Metallurgical Engineering
    Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering
    Maadi, Cairo

  • 3.  RE: Intrusion Rate of Stainless

    Posted 08-06-2020 08:58
    Hi, Debbie,

    New one on me.  Could be a non-native English term for depth of pitting penetration in corrosion or a measure of general corrosion rate.  You might ask for an example.

    Walter Sperko
    Sperko Engineering Services Incorporated
    Greensboro NC
    (336) 674-0600