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Teacher Spotlight - Daniel Dennies

  • 1.  Teacher Spotlight - Daniel Dennies

    Posted 12-10-2020 10:03

    Daniel P. Dennies, Ph.D, PE, FASM

    Currently Principal and CEO of DMS Inc, his own company which he started in 2016.

    • Has worked on most of the major space programs in the last 40 years.
    • Has worked in both small and large companies, as well as being part of a supplier base and the OME
    • Has worked as both a technical expert and manager
    • Has worked with almost all alloy systems and product forms
    • Has worked in failure analysis, manufacturing support, design support and research and development
    • Has worked in corporate companies and as a consultant
    • Has been a volunteer my entire career for many areas – ASM International, Materials Camp, Scouting, Little League, Soccer, Junior Achievement, Big Brothers, etc.

    Teaches courses in

    • Additive Manufacturing
      • AM - Its Challenges for Failure Analysis and Design
    • Courses on specific alloy systems – it covers the alloy history, metallurgy and manufacturing characteristics, etc.
      • Stainless Steels
      • Titanium
      • Aluminum
    • Failure Analysis Courses
      • Principles of Failure analysis
      • How to Organize and Run a Failure Investigation – I wrote the book for this one
    • Metallurgy
      • Elements of Metallurgy
      • Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
      • Steel Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
    • Heat Treating
      • Practical Heat Treating
      • Introduction to the Heat Treatment Process
      • Basics of Heat Treating
    • Metallography
      • Introduction to Fastener Failure Analysis - I am writing this one now in conjunction with another person
      • Practical Interpretation of Microstructures
      • Fasteners

    Dan believes that understanding metallurgical first principles is a must for an engineer to perform any of their duties including failure analysis, design support, manufacturing support or research and development. We teaching he provides examples from 40 years of actual experience of putting these first principles into practice in failure analysis, design support, manufacturing support or R&D. His hope is that the students gain an appreciation of material science and how to use it at work.  And to know when to ask questions of a more experienced engineer.

    Dan would offer the following advise to materials professionals just entering the field:

    • Enjoy the ride. This field holds a myriad of possibilities.
    • Do not be afraid to explore other areas and try new things. Be brave.

    Dan loves traveling and the new experiences it affords. He has been to over 50 different countries and six of the seven continents. Dan also enjoys volunteering which has allowed him to learn about himself. Through his involvement with the teachers at Materials Camp he discovered he was a good teacher from some really good teachers.


    Dan’s question for you: How can engineers provide our society with stable, logical, and compassionate thinking during these turbulent and divisive times? (Reply below)

    Carrie Hawk
    ASM International
    Community Engagement Specialist


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    Posted 12-10-2020 14:49
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    Posted 12-15-2020 12:17

    Have you taken a class taught by Dan Dennies - comment here.

    Carrie Hawk
    ASM International
    Community Engagement Specialist


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    India Admin
    Posted 12-16-2020 00:47
    Dear Carrie,

     Living in India we have not had the privilege to hear Mr. Dan Dennies. Would it be possible for him to give a webinar on Heat Treatment or any topic of his liking?


    Vivek Singal

  • 5.  RE: Teacher Spotlight - Daniel Dennies

    Posted 30 days ago
    Not yet but surely will join in the coming future.

    Puskar Pathak
    Research scholar/ Graduate assistant

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    Posted 30 days ago
    I had the privilege to attend a Failure Analysis seminar in Grand Rapids, MI years ago that he co hosted with Debbie Aliya of Aliya Analytical. Daniel is an excellent educator and a very interesting individual. I wholeheartedly recommend their failure analysis classes.

    James Werner

    James Werner
    General Motors
    Flint MI

  • 7.  RE: Teacher Spotlight - Daniel Dennies

    Posted 30 days ago

    Dan Dennies is a gifted instructor! Mur Doc

    Frederick Schmidt - Past President ASM & ASMu
    Advanced Applied Services
    Saint Charles IL
    (630) 207-3900

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    Posted 28 days ago

    Another great comment about our Spotlighted teacher: Dan Dennies:

    I have had the pleasure of taking two courses with Dan Dennies at ASM; Practical Interpretation of Microstructures and Principles of Failure Analysis. One of the countless things I like about Dan's teaching approach is his initial inquiry regarding his student's background and what materials they handle at work. This allows him to tailor and relate the course to their individual professions. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in various raw materials and he shares this with all his students. This does not stop after leaving ASM. If I ever have questions, Dan always responds. If you get the opportunity to discuss materials with Dan outside of class, you will be in for a delightful academic evening.

    Kendall McCord


    Carrie Hawk
    ASM International
    Community Engagement Specialist