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Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

  • 1.  Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    Chennai Chapter Admin
    Posted 09-01-2021 15:36
    I would like to know what all the process parameters that influence the case depth of Gaseous Nitro carburized layer.
    In order to get 20 microns case depth (white layer )what are the typical values of Temperature Time and kn value or nitriding potential to be maintained.
    Please share your experience.

  • 2.  RE: Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    ASM Employee
    Posted 29 days ago
    Perhaps @Jack Kalucki could help. He was the coauthor of this ASM HB article:


    K.-M. Winter, J. Kalucki, Gas Nitriding and Gas Nitrocarburizing of Steels, Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes, Vol 4A, ASM Handbook, Edited By Jon L. Dossett, George E. Totten, ASM International, 2013, p 647–679,


    Carrie Hawk
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  • 3.  RE: Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    Posted 28 days ago
    It would be important to know what the alloy is.

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  • 4.  RE: Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    Chennai Chapter Admin
    Posted 28 days ago
    low carbon steel  (1010-10180)
    medium carbon steel (1045-1050)
    Medium Carbon Alloy steel (4140)

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  • 5.  RE: Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    Posted 27 days ago
    In the case of low carbon steels, why do you want nitriding? Do you have wear problems? You should go to nitrocarburizing

    Donato FIRRAO FASM
    Politecnico di Torino

  • 6.  RE: Gaseous Nitrocarburizing

    Chennai Chapter Admin
    Posted 27 days ago
    Thanks for your respose.
    I was refering to Nitrocarburizing only.
    We all know that Nitriding is preferable for Cr and Al alloyed steels only.
    I would like to know the nitriding potential as applicable for nitrocarburizing of low,Medium,carbon and alloy steels.