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Best Sectioning Saw

  • 1.  Best Sectioning Saw

    Posted 11-06-2020 14:52
    My lab is in the market for a new sectioning saw. Looking for a more automated one that has the ability to section larger parts without the blade being clamped as easily as they do on our current one. I have been looking at an ATM (Mager) the Bright 265 and a LECO Axitom option. What are your thoughts? Have any of you used these in the past and have a recommendation on how well they work?

    Katelyn Kirsch
    Metallurgical Supervisor
    Federal Screw Works
    Big Rapids MI


  • 2.  RE: Best Sectioning Saw

    Kansas Admin
    Posted 11-09-2020 15:57
    I went with Mager  / ATA Brillant 200 a few years ago because the clamping vices seem to be the most flexible.  I ordered it with 2 vices.  Overall it seems easy to maintain, and the sump filters are easy to change.

    Patrick Mizik
    ASM Chapter Council District 11 Rep
    Principal Metallurgical Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Best Sectioning Saw

    Posted 11-10-2020 08:42
    Good Morning Katelyn,

    This is Jon Peavey with Buehler, your assigned Field Sales Engineer. We recently updated our sectioning line to include the newest technology on the market. Your post mentioned needing to cut larger parts and I wanted to bring our AbrasiMet XL Pro to your attention. Please click on the links below for a quick intro:



    Some key features our end-users have been loving:

    - Savable / programmable cuts
    - Laser alignment on the blade for easy cut-path determination
    - New and improved recirc tank technology which includes a secondary motor and metal mesh for quick and easy clean-up of swarf (without having to clean the entire tank)
    - Tooless blade removal

    I would be happy to schedule a call with you in the near future to discuss this further.

    Buehler Field Sales Engineer
    Buehler, a division of ITW
    Howell Mi


    AbrasiMet-XL_Brochure.pdf   706 KB 1 version

  • 4.  RE: Best Sectioning Saw

    Posted 12-07-2020 15:54
    This is a late comment, but for what it's worth, I have used several of ATM's saws and found them to be very capable and versatile. Would be my brand of choice if I were in the market. I've used the Buehler Delta (14" wheel) and one of the larger STruers models as well over the years. Get the kind of feeding you want, get coolant filtration if you afford it, external/removable tank if possible. Next, find the clamps you need for your work. There just is no substitute for solid work holding. Customize if you need to.

    Joe Zanter
    R&D Engineer
    Thermal Spray Technologies
    Sun Prairie WI
    (608) 318-5077