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Reducing soak times for normalizing and Q/T parameters

  • 1.  Reducing soak times for normalizing and Q/T parameters

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Shane Turcott 17 days ago
    Hello HTS,

    We're currently investigating the possibility of reducing the hold times for normalizing and quenching/tempering of plain/low alloy steels.  Our premise is that both energy reduction/emissions and costs could be reduced if the minimum hold times were better understood (traditional soak times are likely quite conservative).   Yet ramp rate would also be a factor to the hold time.

    Looking for several companies which would be interested in joining the discussion.  First stage would be participating in a simple survey regarding their typical ramp rates and hold times for a few different sized parts/alloys.  Yet also looking for a few frank conversations regarding what it would take to grow enough confidence to use new heat treatment parameters.

    If interested, contact me at shane.turcott@steelimage.com.

    Shane Turcott
    Steel Image
    Hamilton ON
    (905) 745-6429