Dr. Harold Michels

Retires from Copper Dev Assoc in 2014 & Inco Ltd. in 1998

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Retires from Copper Dev Assoc in 2014 & Inco Ltd. in 1998


Bio: Harold T. Michels

Harold Michels, PhD, is an independent consultant with expertise in physical metallurgy and corrosion of copper alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steels, as well as other alloys systems, as well as the antimicrobial properties of copper alloys.

He retired as Senior Vice President, Technology and Technical Services at the Copper Development Association (1999-2014), where he managed projects related to creating new markets for copper. He recognized that copper alloys can play a role in controlling human pathogens, initiated the laboratory research that proved that copper surfaces kill harmful bacteria and managed the US EPA registration of antimicrobial copper alloys. In addition, he served as Principal Investigator in a US Department funded in a multi-hospital clinical trial that demonstrated that the the introduction of six components into Medical Intensive Care Units reduced infection by over 50%.

He previously held a variety of positions, of increasing responsibility with Inco Limited (1970-1998), a major nickel mining company and nickel alloy producer. He was initially a Research Metallurgist and progressed through technical, marketing and management positions, including President of the La Que Center for Corrosion Technology, an Inco business unit, and Director of Strategic Planning reporting the President of Inco Limited (now Vale Nickel).

He has published nearly one hundred technical papers on the microstructure, processing, corrosion resistance, applications of alloys, and the antimicrobial efficacy of copper alloys.

Harold holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the City University of New York, as well as MS in Metallurgy, and a PhD in Materials Science from New York University.