Dr. Nihad Ben Salah Ph.D.

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NBS- M&P Consulting


I have an academic experience of 15 years as professor and research lab director in Metallurgy and Materials at the school of Engineering of Tunis (Tunisia) and 20 years in the aircraft industry in Canada and France. I worked as Chief-metallurgist and R&D manager at Heroux Devtek- Landing gears, and R&D Materials Engineering specialist at Pratt & Whitney Canada, then in France at Safran Tech (Safran Group R&T centre) as R&T manager in advanced processes. Since January 2020 I founded my own consulting entreprise (NBS-Materials & Processes Consulting) with consulting contracts for the aircraft industry.
I was involved in the Quebec academic environment (Canada) for more than 2 years at Polytechnic Montreal as research assistant and the Center of Technology in Aerospace as scientific director.

My work through the years was mainly focused on surface engineering and new manufacturing processes development and their impact on components integrity.
I have done some archeometallurgy works for Tunisian Museums on artifacts dating back to the Roman-Phenician eras.

I have supervised Bachelor engineering students as well as Master and PhD degree students for projects related to several industries (aircraft, energy, automotive), and managed several research teams in the academic and industrial environments.

I have a PhD degree in Corrosion Science and a DSc (Doctorate ├Ęs-Science) in Materials Science.
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