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Scott Henry leads the development and implementation of content models, metadata specifications, data schema, taxonomies, and other content management elements needed to support robust content acquisitions and delivery systems and superior user experiences for online information resources related to metallurgy and materials engineering. The position bridges the gap between content editorial work and information technology. Scott collaborates with senior staff, partners, vendors, and volunteers to specify, develop, and implement content acquisitions, conversion, tagging, management, and delivery systems and projects as needed to support and expand the quality, relevance, and market leadership of ASM’s content products. Prior to his role as Senior Content Engineer, Scott directed the publication of books, journals, magazines, and online databases.

Scott has 30 years of experience in editorial content development, database development, and business planning, including managing acquisitions for the ASM Handbook series and for a variety other reference works. He has directed projects to specify, design, and launch new online information resources and tools, including the ASM Digital Library, ASM Handbooks Online, the ASM Alloy Center, ASM Phase Diagrams Database, the ASM Micrograph Database, and the ASM-NACE Corrosion Analysis Network.