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Ice breaker: How did SMAs transform you?

  • 1.  Ice breaker: How did SMAs transform you?

    SMST Board Member
    Posted 06-14-2021 12:15
    Hello all,

    Let's brighten our Monday with a casual topic. How did you become interested in SMAs? Was it introduced to you by your favorite instructor? Did SMAs slowly became part of the discussion until it was the main part the discussion? Is there a certain aspect of SMAs that really fascinates you?

    Feel free to adapt the questions to suit your experiences.

    For me, my mentor had 3 research topics that interested me the most: cultural heritage, surface coatings and processing SMAs. I dabbled in the three topics and enjoyed each for very different reasons. The SMA community, particularly SMST and CASMART, influences had the greatest impact on showing their enthusiasm for wanting to bring in the next generation. The experiences and connections made in the last few years have been immeasurable!

    I look forward to hearing for you!

    Faith Gantz
    University of North Texas
    Denton TX