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Volunteer Subject Matter Experts Needed to Update Heat Treating Quality & Inspection Course

Signup Deadline: 08-31-2024
Starts: 09-03-2024
Ends: 08-31-2025


Volunteer Subject Matter Experts Needed to Revise and Update
ASM Heat Treating Quality & Inspection Course

Key Responsibilities:

  • Use your technical expertise to collaborate with a small team of volunteers and an ASM education staff liaison to review, revise, and update the course outline, content, and test questions.


  • Familiarity with ASM Education course offerings
  • Interest in education and life-long learning
  • Knowledgeable in subject area of heat treating
  • Drive to deliver results in a timely manner
  • Interest in strengthening ASM International as a professional society

Heat Treating Quality & Inspection Course Description:

This course is designed to increase the technical knowledge of those involved in the heat treatment of metals and alloys. Emphasis is on process control and quality control inspection procedures, since both are necessary to provide heat treated products to meet industry standards and specifications.

Current Course Outline:

  1. Mechanical Testing of Heat Treated Alloys: tension and compression; hardness (macro and micro) impact; bend and fatigue
  2. Nondestructive Inspection of Heat Treated Parts: liquid penetrant; magnetic particle; eddy current
  3. Metallographic Quality Control in Heat Treatment: sample preparation (sectioning, mounting, polishing and etching); photomicrography; interpretation of microstructures
  4. Hardening of Steel: proper hardening processes; quenching; hardening principles; isothermal and continuous cooling
  5. Tempering of Steel: three stages; effect of temperature; time; composition and structure on properties; precipitation effects
  6. Heat Treatment of Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys: cold work, annealing and recrystallization; phase diagrams; heat treatment and mechanical properties
  7. Instrumentation and Control I: measured variables; temperature; pressure; flow; furnace atmospheres
  8. Instrumentation and Control II: indicating and recording instruments; process control; solid state devices; typical control systems
  9. Furnace Atmospheres: primary furnace gases; prepared atmospheres; applications; carbon control; generating equipment
  10. Surface Hardening: flame, induction hardening; methods, reaction and effect of carburizing; discussion of miscellaneous surface hardening methods
  11. Induction Heat Treatment: fundamentals of heat treatment; equipment selection and processing parameters; technical considerations; applications
  12. Difficulties and Imperfections Associated with Heat Treated Steel: types of imperfections or failures; cracking types and causes; other imperfections
  13. Inspection Techniques and Sampling Methods: incoming, in-process and final inspection; quality control parameters; sampling; records; sampling risks
  14. Process Quality Control: control charts; variability; statistical basis; imperfection parameters; capability and tolerance

Course Continuing Education Units: 3.0

Volunteers Needed:

8 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

Senior Level Experience (6-10 Years)




Susan Sellers
ASM International