Advances in Personal Protection (PPE) Strategies and Technologies

When:  Apr 22, 2021 from 19:00 to 21:00 (ET)
The MaterialsDC Chapter of ASM International and the DC/MD/VA Section of the American Ceramic Society are hosting a free virtual meeting and networking session. Material Advantage and their participants in virtual Congressional Visit Days will be joining us!

Join Dr. Eric Van Gieson (DARPA) for a discussion of new technologies for personal protective equipment (PPE). As we all know, chemical and biological threats have become increasingly ubiquitous and diverse. They present a risk to our stability operators in pandemic outbreak scenarios, and our warfighters serving in diverse operating environments. State-of-the-art protective equipment continues to severely limit mobility and performance of the user because of a dependence upon protective garments that are thick, heavy, and cumbersome. The Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB) program aims to reduce protective equipment needs while increasing protection against existing and future CB threats.

PPB technologies will improve stability and provide flexibility for field-forward individuals operating in austere environments--regardless of threat. This will be achieved with lightweight materials and adaptable, tissue-protective countermeasures acting independently, or as an ensemble, to provide on-demand, broad spectrum, and rapid protection. Most importantly, the program will leverage molecular components or commensal organisms at key points of vulnerability to remove protective equipment burden from the user. Successful PPB technologies would therefore change how the military and public health communities perform in unpredictable threat environments.


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