Application of ICME for rapid additive manufacturing parameter set development - Free Webinar

When:  Oct 5, 2023 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)
Associated with  ASM Online Member Community

Sponsoring Company: QuesTek Innovations LLC

DATE & TIME: October 5, 2023, 2pm ET


MC: Bob Braughler 

Title: Application of ICME for rapid additive manufacturing parameter set development

Speaker: Keith Fritz, Director of Client Solutions


A key component of an effective additive manufacturing program requires the development of a quality parameter set to ensure quality defect free parts while maximizing through put. The traditional trial and error or design of experiments approach to developing these parameters is time consuming, costly, and unpredictable. The webinar will discuss how the physics-based models of integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) can be used to develop rapid, reliable parameter sets for additive manufacturing. We will examine the models and methods used independently, and also how they are used in QuesTek’s ICMD® platform to put the power of these computation tools in the hands of materials engineers and AM professionals. 

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

·         Advantages of ICME for AM parameter set development.

·         The models and methods used in ICME for additive manufacturing.

·         How ICMD® Additive Toolkit leverages ICME models and approaches

Speaker Biography: 

Keith C. Fritz is a seasoned professional in materials science and engineering. He is currently the Director of Client Solutions at QuesTek Innovations. He has also held numerous technical positions in Aerospace and Automotive industries displaying expertise in materials solutions, quality systems, and Six Sigma methodologies. Keith holds a Bachelor's degree in Material Sciences and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and certifications from Stanford University and ASM International.