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What's you elevator pitch?

  • 1.  What's you elevator pitch?

    ASM Employee
    Posted 02-17-2021 11:27
    You have 15 seconds to tell someone what you do - what's your pitch??

    I'll start: I'm Carrie Hawk, a ceramic engineer. Ceramic engineering is anything from toilet bowls to space shuttle tiles. 

    What's yours???

    Carrie Hawk
    ASM International
    Community Engagement Specialist


  • 2.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-18-2021 01:49
    I'm Michael and I'm a metallurgist. I work in the nineteenth century . . .

    Michael Leahy
    RCR Heat Treatment
    Welshpool, Wa
    61 8 9355 8130

  • 3.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-18-2021 10:17
    I'm David a blacksmith who is in search of balance: Engineering/Art, Time/Money, Wonder/Whimsy.

    David Lammers
    Total Component Solutions
    Rock Valley IA

  • 4.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-21-2021 15:35
    I'm Neil Kilpatrick, a metallurgical / mechanical engineer in power generation. I explain to people how and why things broke.

    Neil Kilpatrick
    GenMet LLC
    Winter Springs FL
    (407) 760-7293

  • 5.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-22-2021 09:03
    Hi All,

    I'm Bob Miller, your thermal spray powder and specification fix-it man.

    Best regards,

    Bob Miller
    6533 Woodmere Circle
    Indianapolis, IN 46260 USA
    +1 317-698-5479 Mobile
    +1 317-259-7632 Office

  • 6.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-22-2021 13:49

    I'm Paul, I worked for 16 years in failure analysis and R&D of abrasion resistant materials and now serve as a manufacturing engineer developing and improving foundry processes. I do a bit of blacksmithy and wood working on the side. 

    Paul Taylor
    Advanced Manufacturing Engineer – Metallurgy & Foundry Systems
    GIW Industries
    Grovetown GA
    (706) 434-0584

  • 7.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-23-2021 07:34
    I am Usman, working in academia as Assistant Professor for last 4 years and my research area is Biomaterials.

    Usman Liaqat
    School of Chemical and Materials Engineering NUST Islamabad

  • 8.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 02-23-2021 08:50
    Hi everyone

    I'm Amir, a mechanical engineering PhD student interested in fracture mechanics and cold spray. Right now, I am trying to understand the adhesion phenomenon in cold spray.

    Amir Ardeshiri Lordejani
    PhD candidate
    Politecnico di Milano
    Milan MI

  • 9.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 03-02-2021 14:50

    I'm William... As an Engineering Doctorate student, I'm familiar with steelmaking and steels for aerospace applications but I'm new to ASM Connect.

    EngD Student
    University of Warwick

  • 10.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 03-13-2021 07:23
    Hi I am Sudhir kadadi  I am Lubricant specialist and post graduate in Chemistry  Core experience in metal Deformation & heat treatment products and  Corrosion Preventive oils

    Sudhir kadadi
    Technical Consultant Lubricant Industries
    Kandiwali E Mumbai

  • 11.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 04-03-2021 15:55
    I'm Mohanad Zalzalah, a mechanical engineer working as a qualified inspector engineer, currently doing a Ph.D. degree at the University of Sheffield / Mechanical Engineering department in Tribology (Wear).

    Mohanad Zalzalah
    The University of Sheffield
    South Yorkshire

  • 12.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 05-24-2021 17:16
    Edited by Shreeya Sangani 05-24-2021 17:16
    Hi, I'm Shreeya Sangani. I just graduated with my degree in Materials Science and Engineering. I am ready to develop new materials to make products better than the existing ones.

    Shreeya Sangani
    Materials Science & Engineering


  • 13.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 06-14-2021 18:52
    Hi, I'm Rachit. I love all things nano, especially of the carbon kind. These days I spend my time doing FT-IR, SEM and learning GC-MS.

    Rachit Malik
    FA Engineer
    Beaverton OR

  • 14.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 09-30-2021 17:10
    Hi everyone,
    I am Santosh KC, an assistant professor of materials engineering at San Jose State University.
    I do modeling and simulation of various materials for technological applications !

    San Jose State University,
    San Jose, California
    Phone (O): (408) 924-3823

    Santosh KC
    Assistant professor
    San Jose State University
    San José CA

  • 15.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 10-04-2021 13:11
    Hi All, I'm Javeck, an engineering analyst at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  I have a background in materials sci & eng, and electrical engineering from Cal Poly and my main areas of expertise are in destructive physical analysis, materials analysis and failure analysis of microelectronic devices in aerospace applications. 

    Javeck Verdugo
    Engineering Analyst
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Pasadena, CA

    Javeck Verdugo

  • 16.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 10-06-2021 02:40
    Hi every one, my name is Megan Dorri, materials scientist, specialized in surface engineering and surface coatings by plasma following by morphology and corrosion investigations.

    Megan Dorri, PhD
    First Engineer Researcher
    Linkoping University

  • 17.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 12-08-2021 06:02

    Hello, I'm Betul. I am a metallurgical and materials engineer. I am working as an analyst in the failure analysis team of an aviation company.

    Betul Kaya

  • 18.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 12-09-2021 03:15
    I'm Seyed, I worked for 10 years in materials designing, failure analysis, and materials characterization used in advanced manufacturing techniques and now I serve as a welding and additive manufacturing engineer developing and improving hybrid processes in Aerospace applications. I am organizing scientific groups for scientific and industrial discussion..

    Seyedmohammad Tabaie
    Ecole de Technologie Superieure
    Montreal QC
    (143) 882-7671

  • 19.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 12-09-2021 10:16
    Hello! I'm Bree and I work with companies to understand implications of in-service issues on the continuing safety and performance of their product. Mainly this is for corrosion and material obsolescence issues brought about by Mother Nature and those working to protect her.

    Bree Sharratt
    Victoria BC

  • 20.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 12-10-2021 02:47
    Edited by BORIS Rottwinkel 12-10-2021 02:48

    Hi, I´m Boris Rottwinkel, a material science engineer and laser scientist. I am developing and utilising ultrashort-pulses laser systems for sample/failure analysis.


    3D-Micromac AG

  • 21.  RE: What's you elevator pitch?

    Posted 12-10-2021 08:46
    Edited by Carrie Hawk 12-10-2021 10:06
    Hi, I'm Aaron. I lead a life of failure; I can tell you all about yours too!

    Aaron Tanzer
    Senior Metallurgical Engineer
    Metallurgical & Materials Tech
    Baton Rouge LA
    (225) 751-6876