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  • 1.  IMS Podcast

    Posted 11-30-2021 18:30
    Hello everyone,

    I'm excited to share with you a new podcast, which is now 2 episodes in, the 'Minutes of Metallography' - presented by the International Metallographic Society.

    Whether you are well-versed in metallography or have never heard of it before, this educational podcast aims to give listeners a deeper appreciation and understanding of this field.

    Aided by numerous experts, 'Minutes of Metallography' will help listeners get acquainted with the often-times confusing and overwhelming world of metallography. Join us as we explore the variety of ways that metallography impacts your world - all in less than 25 minutes per episode. Click the links below for access to the podcast. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via 


    Bernoulli Andilab
    Ryerson University
    Mississauga ON
    (416) 979-5329
    Spring 2023 courses

  • 2.  RE: IMS Podcast

    Posted 12-01-2021 17:03
    I'm thrilled to learn of this and look forward to listening in!
    It will be interesting to see if the podcast model is successful in conveying metallography effectively, since it is in essence a visually-oriented field.

    Stephen Rooney
    R&D Metallurgist
    Ellwood Materials Technologies

    Spring 2023 courses

  • 3.  RE: IMS Podcast

    Posted 12-05-2021 16:34
    This is really creative! Loving it!

    Ho Lun Chan
    PhD student
    University of Virginia
    Rosemead CA
    (323) 688-7872

    Spring 2023 courses