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Meeting scheduling, announcements

  • 1.  Meeting scheduling, announcements

    Posted 01-11-2022 21:34
    As more and more Chapters move towards having their general meetings either principally by remote access, or are just adding this option, many of the meeting notices are posted here.  This is presumably allowing access to all other members, not just their local members.  This seems like a great idea as long as there is adequate connection bandwidth to manage it.
    Assuming that you're in one of these Chapters who are planning to share, PLEASE do state the time zone of the meeting.  Most of the meetings have been in U.S. Central or Eastern I guess; I don't have the detailed knowledge of the names and locations of the Chapters to know whether you are in one of these or somewhere else altogether.  Thank you in advance!

    Paul Tibbals
    Spring 2023 courses