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Notre Dame Chapter Event - Bodycote's Kolsterising technology

  • 1.  Notre Dame Chapter Event - Bodycote's Kolsterising technology

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    Posted 02-10-2022 15:30
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    February 2022 ‐ Our Chapter's 102nd Year 
    ASM Virtual Technical Session 

    Speaker:   Douglas Ridgeway    
    Date:   Monday, February 21, 2022  
    Time:   Login 7:00 PM, Presentation 7:30 PM  
    Duration:  Approximately one hour; questions and answers to follow 
    Registration:  Please contact Dave Guisbert by February 18, 2022.   
    Meeting login information will be sent to all who register.   

    Abstract:  Bodycote's Kolsterising® technology is a low temperature diffusion‐based surface hardening process  used to significantly increase the surface hardness of austenitic stainless steels as well as PH and  nickel based alloys without causing any embrittlement of the base material.  In addition to the  increased surface hardness, the compressive stresses that are created subsurface drastically improve  the fatigue properties of the base material.  In this session, the Kolsterising® process will be covered  in detail as well as a review of a test program of untreated, shot peened and Kolsterised springs.   With the improvements that the test program has shown, springs can now be designed to last  through many more cycles without having to increase the size of the spring being used.  About the speaker:   Doug Ridgeway is the Sr. General Manager of Bodycote's S3P Division in North America.  Doug  received his BS in Metallurgical Engineering from The Ohio State University.  He has over 30 years'  experience in the heat treating industry, as well as extensive experience working with powder metal  and powder forging for both the automotive and industrial markets, serving in various roles in both  production and quality management.  For the past 17 years he has focused on stainless steel surface  treatments, primarily Bodycote's Kolsterising® process, to improve the life and performance of  products across all market sectors.  When not at work he enjoys spending time on the golf course.

    David Guisbert
    Niles MI
    (574) 485-9359


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