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  • 1.  Newsletter Discussion - Initial Brainstorming

    Posted 12-13-2021 17:24
    Hello everyone,

    Here is a thread for all to contribute their thoughts and ideas regarding the newsletter; our first actionable item as a committee.  In our last meeting, we agreed that a subset of us will work on the design and content of a newsletter that will go on to be a regular part of the Archaeometallurgy Committee's activities.  I have the following comments based on the last meeting...

    -Use the Residual Stress committee's newsletter as inspiration
    • Only 3-4 pages
    • An article citation
    • Some interesting facts about our subject matter / trivia / riddle
    • General info for others
    -Design the newsletter in a format that is friendly to both A4 and letter paper for those that wish to print.

    Some additional input from myself...
    • We will eventually need an identifiable logo for ourselves to include on the newsletter.
    • The newsletter template should be designed to be easily edited by any member that has reasonable access to the appropriate software (Microsoft Office).

    Stephen Rooney
    R&D Metallurgist
    Ellwood Materials Technologies

  • 2.  RE: Newsletter Discussion - Initial Brainstorming

    Posted 12-14-2021 10:41



    This was a great start for the newsletter.  I would add a couple of things to what you wrote, to hopefully keep the ball rolling:

    1.       The first issue should definitely include a description of what the group is about, our purpose and objectives.  This can all be taken from the initial documentation that was drafted to support our acceptance by ASM as a committee, after paring it down to just a few lines.

    2.       Subsequent issues should include a brief statement at the top of the purpose and objectives of the committee.

    3.       All issues should include the names and contact info of the officers of the committee.

    4.       We should also include an abstract of a newly published paper about archaeometallurgy with suitable links to the full paper for those who may want to pursue it further.

    5.       Another topic of the newsletter may be current work in progress by any member of the committee.

    6.       Request for papers on our subject matter and where they may be submitted for publication.

    7.       Some pictures of sites or artifacts that have been studied by members of the committee, their significance and lessons learned.

    8.       Etc., etc., etc.  .......


    These are some initial thoughts.  I am certain that other members may enhance or modify these ideas for improvement.

    Regards to all,



  • 3.  RE: Newsletter Discussion - Initial Brainstorming

    Posted 12-15-2021 01:43
    This all looks good.  Than you to everyone who volunteered to work on the newsletter!

    David Sapiro
    Senior Structural Materials Engineer
    Seattle WA