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    Posted 01-20-2021 13:30
    I attempted to post this before last month's telephone meeting and am not sure how far it circulated. In the end I was not able to attend the meeting but aim to be there tomorrow. This is to introduce myself and the link now made between the Archaeometallurgy Community and the Historical Metallurgy Society. 

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the notes from the telephone meeting. I had hoped to attend but a previous meeting hadn't finished. I did want to introduce  myself and the new link with the Historical Metallurgy Society (HMS).

    My name is Peter Northover and I am retired from forty years' research in archaeological and historical metallurgy in the Department of Materials, University of Oxford, and am currently a council member of the Historical Metallurgy Society, and also am a member of its Archived and Collections Committee which, at the moment, has a lot to do with HMS outreach. 

    Following email conversations started between Scott Henry and Russell Wanhill, the idea emerged of establishing a link between the HMS and the ASN Archaeometallurgy Group/Society and a first steps have been taken with an exchange of membership so that Patricia is a member of HMS and I am now a member of ASM and your group. Looking at the notes of the meeting there is clearly a lot we could develop jointly. One area is web content for both ASM and HMS. (We are at Click or tap if you trust this link." style="background-color: #ffffff">The Historical Metallurgy Society 

     We curate a small number of legacy collections of metallographic samples from archaeological and historic material and this will expand. I think another area for collaboration is in developing best practice for metallography in our areas of interest where our samples can be small, corroded, and very heterogeneous. An ultimate dream would be an ASH handbook for archaeological and historic materials.


    For myself, my beginning in metallurgy was at the labs of Westland Aircraft/Saunders Roe at Cowes, IoW, where the projects were the first cross-Channel hovercraft and the Black Arrow rocket programme. This got me hooked on metallography and it has never worn off. After a doctorate on stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement with the British Steel Corporation Labs, I have spent my working life in archaeological and historical metallurgy, almost all in non-ferrous and precious metals. Now retired, I have a metallographic microscope at home, together with a mounting press and grinder polisher, soI can carry on through all the Covid restrictions.

    I look forward to joining the next meeting,




    Peter Northover

    Peter Northover
    University of Oxford

    +44 1865 820543

  • 2.  RE: Links with Historical Metallurgy Society

    Posted 01-20-2021 19:12
    You are very Welcome Peter!!

    Will be good to count with you in our monthly meeting, we have some interesting topics to talk.

    Yes sure by my side as I said privately would be a very interesting opportunity to do a book,or  a guide about the steps to follow in the metallographic studies of ancient metals, mostly because are corroded, or are very little peices, or sometimes there is a complication because we have to do the mesaurements,and metallography in situ, because museums do not allow moving the piece to the laboratory or because sometimes the piece in question is in an almost inaccessible place, or is of significant size, etc., various reasons for this.

    Dont know what the others members oipinions, also we have a plan to follow, we have to be Formal first, then we have as a dream a have a Symposium at the next IMAT21 on Setember.

    Hope we can reach our dreams!

    Kind Regards,

    [Patricia Silvana] [Carrizo]
    [Chemical Engineer]
    [Archaeometallurgy Area - UTN FRM]
    [Mendoza] [Argentina]

  • 3.  RE: Links with Historical Metallurgy Society

    Posted 01-20-2021 21:04
    Thanks a lot, Dr Peter
    We the young ones are glad for the collaboration of two Societies/Communities. We gonna learn a lot from your big/diverse experience.

    Finger Crossed

    Engr. Arsalan Ahmad
    Institute of Advanced Materials
    Bahauddin Zakariya University, Bosan Road 66000, Multan Pakistan