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Meeting summary and working document

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    Posted 02-02-2021 18:15
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    For those of you that were not able to attend the January meeting, the discussion focused on the (attached) working document.  We went through all comments and edits made prior to the meeting and voted on each item.  There was a discussion regarding the name of the Committee, which we plan to finalize at the next meeting.  A few options are listed below; if you have any preference or additional name ideas, please leave a comment.

    Committee name options:
    Archaeometallurgy Committee (current)
    Metallurgical Heritage Committee
    Archaeometallurgy and Heritage Committee
    Archaeo-Historic Metallurgy Committee

    If you would like to help guild the Committee as we become an official ASM Technical Committee and want access to edit the working document, send me your email address and I will share the GoogleDoc.

    David Sapiro
    King George VA