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Reminder about ASM CONNECT guidelines and terms of use

  • 1.  Reminder about ASM CONNECT guidelines and terms of use

    ASM Employee
    Posted 05-13-2021 09:38

    ASM International is very happy about the tremendous growth in posts and responses in the several communities now on ASM CONNECT. Many ASM Members are using this platform to ask questions, share information, and generally connect and communicate about the technical and career development topics that are of greatest interest to them.

    This is a friendly reminder that all posts on ASM CONNECT are subject to the ASM Website Terms of Use. Please make sure you read and understand these requirements and that you follow the highest standards for civility and professionalism in your posts to the platform. We have noted very few issues of concern since the launch of the platform, and we want to do all we can to ensure that ASM CONNECT will be a welcoming, inclusive platform for all members of the ASM Community for many years to come.

    Carrie Hawk
    ASM International
    Community Engagement Specialist