Archaeometallurgy Community

  • 1.  The name of the new community

    Posted 02-14-2021 13:12

    Greetings to all and a happy Valentine's day!


    I would like to propose "Historical Metallurgy" as the name for our activity.  I can't remember if this is one of the already listed options but, if not, please add it to the list.  If we have time, we can consider this at our next meeting this Thursday.  What say you?


    Nassos Lazaridis

  • 2.  RE: The name of the new community

    Posted 02-14-2021 17:13
    Dear Nassos,

    Two things about "Historical Metallurgy" as a heading for our community activity. 

    One difficulty is conceptual: humankind has been messing around with metals for just about 10,000 years, and a lot of that is before history. 

    The second point is practical: the Historical Metallurgy Society (HMS) already exists and has done for over 50 years. We are also publishers of the journal "Historical Metallurgy", My task is in relation to ASM International is to represent the HMS, and I will be protective of our name. If you type historical metallurgy into a well-known search engine the first thing you will find is our website The Historical Metallurgy Society      
    We are currently ways of enhancing what we offer to members (we are already taking the journal open access) and joint activities such as sharing content with the ASM archaeometallurgy community should be part of that. But we will hango on to our name!

    All the best,

    Peter Northover
    University of Oxford
    +44 1865 820543