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Historical Metallurgy Society Researches in Progress Online Meeting

  • 1.  Historical Metallurgy Society Researches in Progress Online Meeting

    Posted 10-19-2021 08:23

    From: Arch-Metals Group <ARCH-METALS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK> On Behalf Of Thomas Birch

    Sent: 19 October 2021 12:17


    Subject: Historical Metallurgy Society 'Research in Progress' Meeting 2021


    Dear all,


    We are pleased to announce that you can now register for this years Research in Progress Meeting (13th November, 2021). You can register to attend the online event using the following Eventbrite link:;;sdata=L8HrlJZ2GKG%2FaWzzDYq9m46RoYbw3qmj9DSyl%2FMSwj8%3D&amp;reserved=0


    After registration, you will be able to access the Zoom meeting details and passcode for access. The online event will be hosted by Moesgaard Musuem, Denmark.


    Take a look at the programme and abstracts to see the latest work in historical metallurgy that will be presented. We look forward to seeing you there!


    PDF of the programme and abstracts can be downloaded here:;;sdata=SG%2Bz1gIWP25d0ihB%2FWwhs54F1Pjh6YLhJXd4GbS7nBQ%3D&amp;reserved=0


    Yours sincerely,

    Thomas Birch

    (HMS Member of Council)





    9.30 WELCOME


    9.35 Lead Circulation in Northeast Asia: The Provenance of Lead in the Qi State Bronzes (Chen Wang)


    10:00 Not so dull after all? A reassessment of the lead vessel rims from the Mycenae Shaft Graves (Stephanie Aulsebrook)


    10:25 Archaeometallurgical investigations in Notre-Dame de Paris: research in progress on construction iron and lead after the fire (Maxime L'Héritier, Aurélia Azéma, Delphine Syvilay, Emmanuelle Delque-Kolic, Ivan Guillot, Guillaume Sarah, Sandrine Baron, Delphine Neff, Philippe Dillmann)


    10:50 Geochemical and isotopic characterisation of the coin metal of Roman denarii - A multifactorial application tool for numismatic, political, strategic and logistic contexts in the Republic and the Imperial Era. (Poster Presentation, Tim Greifelt, Sabine Klein, David Wigg-Wolf)


    11:00 COFFEE BREAK


    11:20 The early history of Bradley Ironworks (Peter King)


    11:45 Roffey – a Medieval centre of iron production? (Jack Cranfield)


    12:05 Archaeometric dating of smithing slag (Media digest) (Patrice de Rijk)


    12:15 Feeling the Peat: an investigation into an alternative metalworking fuel for the Scottish Iron Age (Paul M Jack)


    12:35 LUNCH


    13:30 From OXALID to GlobaLID: A substantial upgrade of a well-known data pool of lead isotopes for metal provenancing using R and Shiny App (Sabine Klein, Thomas Rose, Katrin J. Westner, Yiu-Kang Hsu)


    13:55 Innovations in the Development of Tin Bronze Metallurgy in the Bronze Age of Iran (ca. 3000 -1500 BCE) – A Multidisciplinary Research (Omid Oudbashi, Mathias Mehofer)


    14:15 Bronze Age machine production? An assessment of the minimum variation in bronze artefact reproduction using clay and soapstone moulds. (Bart Cornelis, Jakob Thæsing Hviid, Christian Steven Hoggard, Thomas Birch)


    14:35 Investigation of ancient iron and copper production remains from Irtyash Lake (middle Trans-Urals, Russia) (Ivan S. Stepanov, Dmitry A. Artemyev, Anton M. Naumov, Ivan A. Blinov, Maxim N. Ankushev)


    14:35 Attempts to repoduce graphite morphology in ancient Chinese malleable cast iron (Donald Wagner)


    14:55 The Damhus Hoard – Chemical and isotopic results of early Viking silver coinage (Thomas Birch, Helle Horsnæs, Rasmus Andreasen, Claus Feveile, Mahir Hrnjíc, Jens Christiansen Moesgaard)


    15:15 DISCUSSION? (Delivery of Student Prize)


    16:00 CLOSE

    Peter Northover
    University of Oxford
    +44 1865 820543