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The Promise of Nanotechnology

  • 1.  The Promise of Nanotechnology

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    Posted 06-10-2021 14:00
    I was talking with a friend about recent advancements in nanotechnology and realized how the field has lately grown significantly. Of course, nanotechnology has been "hot" for a while, but it seems that measurement methods and computational power have finally caught up with the promise of nanotechnology. Machine learning is used now to rapidly find and design new materials with mindboggling properties, reducing development time by magnitudes. Imaging methods now discern electrons, atoms, and their movements with high precision, so we can actually understand how it all works too. The recent pace of discovery has been remarkable!

    With all of that said, what do you think? Has the promise of nanotechnology finally been fulfilled with such advancements? Is this a turning point in the field? I understand there is still a lot of science and engineering to be done, but these seem like big hurdles that were recently crossed.

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