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  • Archaeometallurgy Community: NOTE: Minutes have been updated. Please find attached the notes from the archaeometallurgy meeting we had via RingCentral on December 10, 2020. For those of you interested in hearing the recording of the meeting, please ...

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  • I am ok on any day of the week, but I am available only in the afternoons. ------------------------------ Pankaj Mehrotra Greensburg PA (724) 216-8896 ------------------------------

  • From: Arch-Metals Group < ARCH-METALS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK > On Behalf Of Thomas Birch Sent: 19 October 2021 12:17 To: ARCH-METALS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Subject: Historical Metallurgy Society 'Research in Progress' Meeting 2021 Dear all, We are ...

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  • The best time for most respondents to the Doodle Poll is Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 12:00-1:00 pm EDT (UTC-4). At the meeting, I will review the process for launching the committee and best practices for ongoing committee operations. -------------------------------- ...

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  • Stephen, So many Thanks for this Webinar!! Appreciated!! ------------------------------ [Patricia Silvana] [Carrizo] [Ms.] [Chemical Engineer] [Archaeometallurgy Area - UTN FRM] [Mendoza] [Argentina] [+542615577229] ------------------------------

  • Long-Term Embrittlement of Ancient Copper and Silver Alloys Omid Oudbashi and Russell Wanhill have written a review article for the upcoming Heritage "Metals in Heritage Science" Special Issue. This article reviews the current knowledge of long-term ...

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