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Heartfelt Thanks to All ITSC 2023 Attendees

  • 1.  Heartfelt Thanks to All ITSC 2023 Attendees

    Posted 9 days ago

    Dear Thermal Spray Community!

    On behalf of the ASM-TSS, I want to thank all #ITSC2023 attendees for coming to Quebec City (Canada). We got attendees from all continents (31 countries), except Antarctica!

    There is a group of key people who was involved in the organization of this event, who worked so hard to assure the excellence of the ITSC 2023, and it is my pleasure to highlight their names.

    I want to start citing Prof. Andrew Ang for being the Technical Leader of the ITSC 2023, Prof. Fardad Azarmi, Ph.D.,P.Eng.,P.E. for being the Lead-editor of the ITSC 2023 proceedings and Dr. Julio Villafuerte P.Eng. Ph.D for being the Chair of the ITSC 2023 best paper award committee. Moreover, big kudos to Prof. Christopher Berndt, Prof. CJ Li and Prof. Robert Vaßen for leading the Oerlikon Metco Young Professionals Award Competition. Your dedication, as well as, that of the TSS volunteers you led, were paramount for achieving the high scientific quality our event.

    And for sure I cannot forget the panelists of our very 1st TSS Open Mic Live F2F at the ITSC: Daniel Hayden, Filofteia-Laura Toma, Molly O'Connor, Christopher Berndt, Alejandro Vargas-Uscategui and Luc Bianchi, in addition to our two moderators Prof. Bertrand Jodoin and Mr. Charles Kay. For sure the audience was fascinated with the very interesting professional discussions and life-lessons dedicated to students and post-docs.

    But above all, I do want to congratulate the ASM-TSS staff, who for over an year, worked non-stop to deliver to the ITSC 2023 attendees the best experience possible. I am honoured to cite their names: They are Jeanelle Harden, Stefanie Bourbon, Lindy Good and Kelly "KJ" Johanns (under the leadership of Kelly Wise Thomas, CMP, CEM). They went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the best experience possible to all of us who went to the ITSC 2023; not only in terms of presentations, networking and business, but also in terms of exciting activities, catering and above all... a sense of wonder and belonging. All ITSC 2023 attendees owe a lot to them... more than you can even possibly imagine.

    And finally, special thanks for Nicole Hale, for organizing the very 1st Student Mixer of the ITSC. For sure it was the "cherry on the cake" of the event.

    We look forward to seeing you all next year in the ITSC 2024 (Milan, Italy); which will be led by our colleagues of DVS. For sure, it will be another great event: ITSC 2024 - DVS - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (dvs-home.de)

    Finally, safe travels back home everyone!!!

    Rogerio Lima, PhD
    Senior Research Officer
    National Research Council of Canada
    Fellow of ASM International (FASM)
    President of Thermal Spray Society (TSS)

    e-mail: rogerio.lima@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
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