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  • 1.  Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 18 days ago

    Let me offer a perspective that may or may not resonate with other ASM members.


    My background is in mechanical engineering, but I work for a small firm with just a few engineers. Our production processes require a range of materials engineering, mostly metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, but also composites. Our small engineering team is focused on product development. Being a small, family-held company, we seek to address production issues in house. In our small company, having an engineering degree makes us the "expert" in all engineering matters, even where we know our background is limited. 


    We have used ASM as a resource to provide valuable background in understanding materials issues related to our production processes and some aspects of our new product efforts. But, we are not materials engineers. I wonder if there is a significant set of ASM members who are in a similar situation? If so, are there learning and connection paths that these members find most useful?

    Lyle Branagan
    Engineering Manager
    Pioneer Motor Bearing Company
    Kings Mountain NC
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  • 2.  RE: Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 17 days ago
    Lyle -

    As I work in a department of Materials Science and Chemical
    Engineering, we see faculty, post-docs, and graduate students
    from all kinds of degree programs:
    Chemical Engineering

    For our students undergraduate students who go out
    into industry for jobs in materials, I emphasize they
    familiarize themselves with the resources available at
    ASM as well as ASTM.  Too many academic programs
    emphasize only "text book" learning, exams, etc....
    This leads to the rude awakening for recent graduates
    when they have little idea of what the workplace demands.

    So, my first suggestion is always to become a member of the
    relevant professional society.  Find out what are the titles
    and topics of their authoritative handbooks.  If you find one
    that is appropriate, then get it on "interlibrary loan".  If you
    feel like it is a keeper, then buy a copy.  Better yet, have
    your company buy the copy.  Next, network with the local
    chapter.  These days, you can do many remote meetings,
    and network at a distance.  Also, watch/attend many of 
    the excellent webinars.  Most are archived and watchable
    during non-work hours.   Much of this might lead you to
    the society's professional training classes, to address 
    more immediate needs for professional development.

    Definitely pay attention to the most relevant ASTM 
    standards.  Why reinvent the wheel.....

    You spent tens-of-thousands of dollars on your
    undergraduate education, some of it with little return.
    Every engineer can afford can afford to spend a
    few hundred each year on continuing education and 
    professional development.  You just have to find the time....

    kind regards,
    - Jim 

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  • 3.  RE: Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 16 days ago



    Professor James Quinn's comments and suggestions were excellent.  Let me expand a little on his comment about Professional Training Courses:  ASM has a series of courses, among them most successful is their course on "Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists".  It is offered at Materials Park in Ohio but please talk to their education people whether they may be able to present a class at your facility.  They may even tailor the class to fit your knowledge requirements.  Another possibility is through your local ASM member chapter:  I have been involved in the past with two chapters that prepared a program of appropriate length and topics to fit an individual company's requirements.  It may be a program of three to five days in duration, either consecutively or once a week for a number of weeks.

    I hope these comments help.  Good luck.


    Nassos Lazaridis

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  • 4.  RE: Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 16 days ago

    I am not a professor.


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  • 5.  RE: Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 14 days ago
    It is good to have introductory courses which ASM offers for non-Materials/ Metallurgical professionals.

    As per my assumptions Lyle is looking for more in-depth knowledge specifically in his business, which mostly comes from experience.

    Metallurgy and Materials Science is a vast field. In my days most commercial alloys and materials was the main focus in academic institutions, now there are many new materials since my time of college years. There is a limit how much they can add in the given curriculum.
    The work experience teaches the ability to solve problem in reasonable time with available resources.

    Sanjay Kulkarni
    Materials Engineer
    2040 Crooks RD, Suite A
    Troy, MI 48084
    Cell: 248-840-1056

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  • 6.  RE: Is there a useful ASM learning or connection path?

    Posted 12 days ago
    You may also want to take the ASM Heat Treating class since I assume that bearings are heat treated.  Not sure if there is Bearing Manufacturers association, but the heat treated gears and springs info are covered by the AMGA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and the Spring Institute.

    Patrick Mizik
    ASM Chapter Council Vice Chair & District 11 Rep
    Principal Metallurgical Engineer
    pat.mizik@haldex.comPrincipal Metallurgical Engineer

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