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  • 1.  Safety Practices

    Posted 08-03-2022 11:46
    Hello fellows,

    I would like to improve the safety in my facility, for that I ask you for your experience in some of the best safety practices that you have seen through your careers that made a big impact. 

    Hope you all are having a great day, and thank you very much.

    Leon Aguirre
    Process Engineer
    Cambridge Oh
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  • 2.  RE: Safety Practices

    Posted 08-04-2022 05:44

    Preventive action for Safety is a never-ending job, which encompasses continuous inspection and in depth collaboration by the floor workers. Under my opinion to seek Safety in the plant needs a complete change of mentality by the managers, middlemen and workers; to the purpose meetings are essential as well as deep review of procedure instructions. Making everybody alerted of current accidents index of frequency and index of gravity is a good starting point; year-by-year improvements of these indexes helps in motivating everybody.
    Be aware that nothing can assure total Safety, but continuous efforts may increase Safety in your plant.
    I am responsible of Safety overview in a few Electric Steelmaking Plants. After having worked for 7 years to the issue, I have greatly reduced the above indexes, but I still pray for God helping me on unforeseen accidents.

    Donato Firrao FASM
    Politecnico di Torino

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  • 3.  RE: Safety Practices

    Posted 08-04-2022 10:59
    Leon -

    You really have to be more specific about the nature
    of the hazards in your location.  

    - Jim

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  • 4.  RE: Safety Practices

    Posted 08-05-2022 17:04
    Edited by Gary Shade 08-05-2022 17:05
    In one job, I greatly benefited from having a safety committee comprised of people from multiple levels.  This encouraged education and awareness of safety along with safety ownership.  We all "own" it.  We also did safety walk-throughs weekly to inspect for unsafe conditions and to check that safety equipment was present.  This helps those involved to keep their eyes open and keep safety always visible.  Safety is not just procedures or classes, it is a day-day check and balance.

    Gary Shade
    Sr. Microelectronics Engineer
    Samtec - Colorado

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  • 5.  RE: Safety Practices

    Posted 08-08-2022 11:12
    You need to engrain a culture of safety so that all personnel are thinking first of safe practices even if a procedure is not formally spelled out. Management has to sign off on such a culture and allow shutdowns of individual processes if they are unsafe, even if that means halting production. Staff has to be invested in the safety culture. Having a safety committee is highly recommended as safe practices will come from all over the organization. Mandatory time has to be set aside for safety meetings and to generate organizational safety procedures.

    Aaron Tanzer
    Senior Metallurgical Engineer
    Metallurgical & Materials Technologies
    Baton Rouge LA
    (407) 247-9557

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  • 6.  RE: Safety Practices

    Posted 08-27-2022 14:53
    A Fortune 500 chemical company employer required attendance at monthly safety meetings for our department in corporate R&D. Each month a scientist was responsible for heading up the one-hour meeting on a safety-related topic. Sometimes we invited outside speakers to present a safety talk. We also had unannounced safety inspections of all labs and pilot plant/engineering areas. A checklist was used to look for possible violations such as a cluttered work area, personnel not wearing safety glasses or lab coat when doing lab work, eating in the lab area, improper storage of flammables, etc.  We also had mandatory fire extinguisher training each year, where everyone was required to learn about the various types of extinguishers and then to actually use those extinguishers on an actual fire (metal fires, organic liquids, etc.). Safety was one of the criteria that management used for our annual performance appraisals, a further incentive to take safety very seriously. Also, having worked for several other companies in the chemical, metal-related, and semiconductor chemical industry, a similar safety-conscious culture was practiced by each employer.

    Ronald Myers, Ph.D.
    Myers Consulting Services
    Strongsville OH


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