Why develop an affiliate society for electronic device failure analysis?

Failure analysis is a critical element of the electronics industry. However, it's also a diverse combination of electronics and materials analysis. Because no existing society was suited to meet the specific needs of our technical community, scientists and engineers who perform failure analysis on electronic devices have never enjoyed representation in terms of a dedicated, focused society.

In 1998, considerable effort by the Steering Committee of the International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA) resulted in a recommendation to the ASM Board of Trustees: that a new ASM Affiliate Society be chartered to serve the specific needs of the electronic device failure analysis community. Hence, the ASM Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society, or EDFAS, was formed.

What's included in membership in EDFAS?

In a nutshell, your membership includes:

  • A subscription to the society's newsletter, Electronic Device Failure Analysis (EDFA) 

  • The EDFAS website, which helps members to share ideas through discussion groups with other members, correspondence via e-mail. 

  • Special pricing when registering for the ISTFA conference and exposition in the future. 

  • Members-only discounts and savings on publications, software, and educational courses. 

  • Many personal service opportunities 

I am already a member of ASM, and am interested in joining EDFAS. Do I need to fill out a different membership application?

Yes, demographics specific to EDFAS member interests are listed on the EDFAS membership application. Your input in these areas will help us to serve you better!

What is the connection with ISTFA?

ASM's relationship with electronics failure analysis dates back two decades to its sponsorship of the International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA). As this event grew and failure analysis became a more integral part of the electronics business, ASM became increasingly interested in expanding its role in serving the failure analysis community.

Many ISTFA volunteers saw the need for an improved structure to better utilize the skills of the failure analysis community to continue the growth and improvement in the ISTFA symposium.

I attended the ISTFA conference, do I become a member automatically?

No— Anyone who is not a member of EDFAS and who is registered as a non-member for ISTFA will have the option to register AND join at the same time.  By selecting this option, the registration and membership are bundled and will generate a single invoice showing registration to the conference.

For more information, contact:

ASM Member Service Center
Materials Park, Ohio 44073-0002

Phone: 440.338.5151, ext. 0
Email: memberservicecenter@asminternational.org