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Webinar - Advanced Specimen Preparation for Metallography

  • 1.  Webinar - Advanced Specimen Preparation for Metallography

    Posted 06-25-2020 12:26
    Edited by Carrie Hawk 06-25-2020 12:29

    July 7th 2:00 pm EDT
    Title: Advanced Specimen Preparation for Metallography



    Dieter Scholz, Senior Scientist
    Larry D. Hanke, P.E., FASM, Principal Engineer
    Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc.

    Event Description: The study of the structure and components of materials by microscopic analysis relies on optimum specimen preparation to produce accurate and useful data. Poorly prepared specimens may lead to bad data, wrong conclusions, and costly decisions. Therefore, preparing each specimen appropriately is critical. Good preparation for microstructure characterization has become more challenging in recent years due to high-technology materials, complex assemblies of mixed materials, smaller components, and particularly small targets for section location (e.g., laser welds on fine wire, semiconductor features, and failure locations on electronic components).

    In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    • Advanced and unique methods for metallographically preparing samples to find the correct target location
    • How to ensure a prepared sample will reveal the desired microstructure
    • When and how to use tri-pod polishers, targeting section tools, and broad beam ion milling

    Speaker Biography:

    Dieter Scholz is a senior scientist with Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc. in Plymouth, Minn. He graduated from the St. Paul College chemical technology program in 1991. Dieter worked six years with the analytical chemistry department of Medtronic performing wet chemical analyses, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, and fractography. Since 1997, he has worked for Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc. where he has expanded his skill set to include metallography, materials characterization, failure analysis, and corrosion testing.

    Larry Hanke is a principal engineer and founder of Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc. in Plymouth, Minn. He is a licensed professional engineer with over 40 years of experience in failure analysis, materials characterization, product evaluation, and research and development. While providing consulting on product improvement for diverse industrial applications, including medical devices and electronic components, Larry has encountered many testing and characterization challenges that required specialized specimen preparation methods. Larry obtained a B.S. in metallurgical engineering from Iowa State University in 1978. He is a Fellow of ASM International.


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