Linking Structure and Catalytic Properties of Heterogeneous and Automotive Catalysts for Environment

When:  Nov 29, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)
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Zeiss webinar November 29 at 11:00 AM ET


Title: Linking Structure and Catalytic Properties of Heterogeneous and Automotive Catalysts for Environmental Applications

Speaker: Andy Holwell, Manager, Business Sector Industrial Research



Heterogeneous catalysts are a broad and versatile set of engineered porous materials of high surface area and surface functionalization. Automotive catalysts have removed billions of tons of pollutants from entering the atmosphere since their deployment in the 1970s and must withstand lifelong service lives. Their structure-property relationships are complex, determined by porosity, particle size, voids, and adhesion between substrate, washcoat base layer, and precious metal active components. Catalysts can therefore be challenging to image and characterize at high resolution and in three dimensions.


This webinar will discuss several novel 3D microscopy approaches to imaging the internal solid and pore structure of catalysts while using those 3D datasets to simulate the performance of gasoline particulate filters (GPF), polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC), and metal organic frameworks (MOF). We will describe the use of x-ray microscopy for 3D imaging, pore analysis, and differentiation and quantification of washcoat and substrate layers on a honeycomb support.


In this webinar, attendees will learn about:


  • Deep learning for reconstruction, measurement, and multiphase segmentation of 3D datasets of GPF for input into gas flow simulations to relate pressure drop to performance.
  • Property simulations to predict pressure drop along channels and through channel walls, and reactivity, through experimentally derived structure-boundary conditions
  • X-ray nanotomography to study porous PEFC catalyst agglomerate structures and simulate gas diffusion through pore networks
  • Nondestructive 4D studies for time-resolved in situ experiments
  • Novel field emission scanning electron microscopy "sweet spot" techniques for imaging and understanding platinum nanoparticle decoration on A-site deficient perovskite catalysts for automotive applications
  • Novel cryogenic focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy technique for 3D volumetric analysis and lamella preparation for nanoanalytics of MOF materials



Andy Holwell is the business sector manager for the metals industries at Zeiss Microscopy. He has nineteen years of experience in catalysts, chemicals, and metals in technical, analytical, and commercial roles, and currently leads the strategic marketing, innovation, and market education activities for advanced microscopy solutions for steel, aluminium, and other metals.


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