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The following is a list of opportunities currently known to the Los Angeles ASM Chapter. To contribute to this list, please contact Kentaro Lunn at


Current Postings

Engineering Technician II

Garrett Advancing Motion
is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Engineering Technician II for the Metallurgy Department.

Responsibilities include:

Metallurgy Department

  • Metallurgical sample preparation
  • Hardness testing (Micro, Rockwell, Brinell)
  • Microscopy (Optical, SEM)

Air Bearing Component Testing

  • Run and monitor tests on test stand per established procedures
  • Component inspection
  • Keeping detailed test log, test database, inspection database, report writing

Global Lab Organization

  • Participation in and support of Garrett laboratory safety requirements
  • Housekeeping of tools and parts (5S maintenance)

Qualifications: (Must have/ be able to)

  • Bachelors’ degree or 3+ additional years of relevant experience
  • 2+ years’ experience in a lab environment
  • 2+ years’ experience with basic mechanical assembly and fabrication
  • Prepare samples for Metallurgical analysis (mechanical and chemical including etching techniques and use of chemicals)
  • Mechanical assembly and fabrication skills (lathe, mill, drill, grinders, welders, band saw, wire EDM, lapping/ superfinishing, power and hand tools)
  • Component inspection and documentation skills
  • Read technical drawings, wiring diagrams and write reports
  • Work autonomously and within a team
  • Ability to lift 50lbs

Additional Qualifications: (We value)

  • Understanding of structure, process and property relationships within the range of industrial materials & coatings
  • Familiarity / knowledge of current materials portfolio, operating systems and constraints within the automotive field
  • Working knowledge of the full spectrum of automotive materials (ferrous alloys, superalloys, light metals, polymers and elastomers) and coatings (electroplating, electroless, diffusion treatments, PVD/CVD and thermal spray coatings).
  • Experience in materials analysis methodology such as metallography, optical microscopy and SEM.
  • Mechanical Engineering acumen (motivation to solve challenging technical problems and suggest improvements, DOE approach, Six-Sigma methodology, test and inspection data interpretation and processing)
  • Test stand operation (load/ reload test articles/ samples, start, run, monitor, stop tests using LabVIEW GUI) based on test instructions and engineering team requirements
  • Test stand development (build, commissioning, fixturing modification/ fabrication, improvements, debugging…)
  • Experience with Test Instrumentation and DAQ
  • Warehousing experience/ maintaining inventory (SAP or equivalent essential in warehousing and production)

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