Chapter Information


Mission Statement:

The objectives of this Chapter are to (1) further the dissemination of knowledge concerning metals and other engineering materials; (2) bring together those most concerned with the manufacture, treatment, selection and use of metals and other engineering materials; (3) create a clearer and better understanding of the nature of metals and engineering materials; (4) consider metallurgical/materials problems and their solutions; (5) promote projects and activities for the best professional interest of the membership; and (6) award scholarships, wherever possible, to those qualified and interested in pursuing the study of metals and engineering materials.

Chapter Officers:
Chair: Ray Engelhardt, Lockheed Martin
Vice Chair: Yazdan Zeinali, CSUN
Treasurer: Aryeh Meisels, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Executive Committee:
Immediate Past Chair: Erik Faaborg, NAVSEA
Education Chair: Behzad Bavarian, Ph.D., CSUN
Executive Committee Member/Webmaster: Hans Shin, Pacific Testing Laboratories, Inc.

E-mail:  ASM International - SFV Chapter

Chapter History

San Fernando Valley Chapter Past Chairs

1963-1964 Dick Sronberg   1991-1992 Behzad Bavarian
1964-1965 Eugene C. Bernett   1992-1993 Tom Hale
1965-1966 C.E. Weber   1993-1995 Tarek Shraibati
1966-1967 Dr. David Sinizer   1995-1996 Renee Hetter
1967-1968 Richard K. Ryan   1996-1997 Cory Smith
1968-1969 Craig O. Malin   1997-1999 Alan Liu
1969-1970 Sidney I. Bocarsley   1999-2000 Robert Jewett
1970-1971 Wayne M. Robertson   2000-2001 Bob Hayes
1971-1972 David C. Scarrott   2001-2002 Tom Matulaitis
1972-1973 Jack R. Lewis   2002-2003 Patrick Berbon
1973-1974 F.K. Lampson   2003-2004 Kathleen Sevener
1974-1975 Dr. Jon H. Shively   2004-2005 Aryeh Meisels
1975-1976 William E. Twiss   2005-2006 Ken Davis
1976-1977 Charles C. Woolsley   2006-2007 Scott Schroeder
1977-1978 David E. Schwab   2007-2009 Lisa Reiner
1978-1979 Charles Daugherty   2009-2010 Guido Keijzers
1979-1980 Michael Rusnak   2010-2012 Hans Shin
1980-1981 Bob McLemore   2012-2013 Efrem Escobar
1981-1982 Norman Katz   2013-2016 Ken Davis
1982-1983 Harry Schwartzbart   2016-2018 Ray Engelhardt
1983-1984 Jordan Rosengard   2018-2019 Eunice Lee
1984-1985 Harold E. Millott Jr.   2019-2020 Shaojie Fei
1985-1986 Jan Raymond   2020-2021 Anita Gregorian 
1986-1987 Michael Katcher   2021-2022 Besmeh Raya 
1987-1988 Jordan Rosengard / Norman Katz   2022-2023 Erik Faaborg
1988-1989 Satya Banerjee   2023-present Ray Engelhardt 
1989-1990 Ronald Berger      
1990-1991 Joel Neiderman