Message from the President

Welcome to the ASM International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST). We are a volunteer-led professional society that serves to promote networking, education, and dissemination of knowledge amongst inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and academics working with materials that exhibit shape memory behaviors.

While some aspects of these materials are quite simple, such as the idea of putting together equal parts nickel and titanium atoms to make a metal compound, the underlying physical behaviors of these materials and their responses to different environments are often complex. At the core of SMST is a group of experienced professionals from industry, government and academia dedicated to furthering understanding of these complexities, preserving knowledge from past lessons learned, and most importantly training the future leaders, innovators, and doers for the field.

Thus, the distinguishing characteristic of SMST is a focus on serving the industry of shape – memory technologies. This industry is largely centered upon nickel-titanium shape memory alloys (Nitinol) and their derivatives. We are also experiencing exciting growth in novel technologies emerging from new materials such as shape memory polymers and nickel-free shape memory alloys.

Our defining means toward fulfilling our mission and serving our members is our conferences and technical expositions. These are now held every-other-year, alternating between a U.S. location and an international destination. In May 2017, our event was held in San Diego, CA . I encourage you to mark your calendars for our next event in May 2019 in Konstanz, Germany.


We also create other forms of media toward fulfilling our mission. In 2015 we launched the journal Shape Memory and Superelasticity , which serves to archive seminal works presented at our conferences, in addition to publishing original, peer-reviewed articles. We also provide the e-Elastic eNews  to our members on a quarterly basis.  Introducing the new SMST suppplement to Advanced Materials & Processes magazine is SMST NewsWire in the April and October issues SMST NewsWire.


Education courses on the topic of shape memory materials offered through ASM several times a year.  Nitinol for Medical Devices is one of the most popular courses and covers the variables that affect Nitinol's properties, how to control them, and how its unique properties can be applied in medical devices. Education course attendees not only receive the most up to date information from the shape memory industry, but also Continuing Education Units.


Thanks for visiting our site. If you are a guest, I encourage you to join our community, and to reach out to any of our board members, myself included, with further questions you may have about SMST.

To existing members, I thank you for your role in helping us advance shape memory and superelastic technologies.

Othmane Benafan Ph.D.
SMST President