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Virtual/Hybrid/In-person conference. Which do you liked?

  • 1.  Virtual/Hybrid/In-person conference. Which do you liked?

    SMST Board Member
    Posted 10-15-2021 10:55
    Hello All,

    The fall semester is nearly half way through, papers and abstracts have been submitted, and many of us are preparing presentations for upcoming conferences.

    Conferences are offering a variety of options for attendees to participate virtual, in-person or a hybrid. I was curious if there has been a platform or an experience with either type that you would like to share. Whether good or bad. Sharing your experiences could help to organize future events that accommodate more people's preferences whilst providing a great experience.

    I have had a few virtual conferences though 2020-2021 and January will be my first in-person conference since 2019. I am very excited about the prospects of SMST 2022 being in-person.

    Thank you,

    Faith Gantz
    University of North Texas
    Nitrol course - October 2022