Thermal Spray Open Mic Session - Dr. Dominique Poirier

When:  Nov 17, 2021 from 09:00 to 10:00 (ET)

This month's session will feature:

Dr. Dominique Poirier
Research Officer, Automotive and Surface Transportation
National Research Council of Canada

"From Scientific Breakthrough to Successful Product Development in Thermal Spray: from the Lab to the Industry"

This presentation will take you behind the scenes and show you how scientific breakthroughs are converted to innovations using concrete examples of the thermal spray field; from the initial R&D sample production on lab scale to full industrial commercialization. Dr. Poirier will draw on her experience at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to discuss intellectual property, prototyping, quality, process optimization, production scale-up, supply chain buildup and technological transfer. Different examples of industrial implementation in the thermal spray field will be highlighted; including plasma-spray ceramic coatings for ball-valves, cold-spray copper coatings for spent nuclear fuel storage and duplex arc-spray/cold spray iron-based coatings for car lightweight brakes.

Thanks to our sponsors, Progressive Surface and Saint-Gobain, these sessions are offered at no charge to students, emerging professionals and ASM Thermal Spray Society members. However, space is limited, so be sure to register early! Can't make the live session date/time? No worries! The majority of the sessions will be offered on-demand immediately following the live session.


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