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Scanning NV Magnetometry 

02-08-2023 13:23

The EDFAS Education Subcommittee strives for the development and delivery of educational products to the EDFAS membership. Keeping with its strategic focus on reaching a broader audience, including facilitating Q&A and educational exchanges on the ASM Connect platform, the Subcommittee presents short format presentations on selected FA topics. These presentations are available on ASM Connect.

We present this tutorial by Peter Rickhaus on the topic of Scanning NV Magnetometry.

Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond leverage on the extreme sensitivity of quantum systems to their environment and offer radically new performance for magnetic sensing. Their ability to detect weak signals unlock new perspectives, for example to characterize magnetic nanostructures as used in magnetic random access memory (MRAM) technologies. But scanning NV microscopy is not only suited to measure tiny magnetic fields, it can also resolve electrical currents (via their magnetic fields) with unprecedented spatial resolution, thus presenting an opportunity for integrated circuit failure analysis. 

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