ASM Education Committee

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Signup Deadline: 04-30-2024
Starts: 09-01-2024
Ends: 08-31-2027


The purpose of the ASM Education Council and its Subcommittees is to provide guidance, technical expertise, and feedback to the ASM Education Staff to help enable a true “Lifelong Learning” capability as identified in the ASM Strategic Growth Plan. Council input and recommendations enable the ASM Board of Trustees to establish effective policies, set meaningful budgets, and oversee society operations. By identifying needs and contributing to the development of quality educational products, services, and opportunities, the ASM Education Council helps professionals access the learning and professional development to remain technically current, advance their careers, and contribute to growth in the areas of materials science and technology.

 The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary positions are 1-year terms. Members serve 3-year terms.

 By serving as a volunteer leader, you can sharpen your skills to become a better team member and manager and make a positive difference in the future of ASM members and the materials industry worldwide.

 Key Responsibilities of the Education Council:

  • Use technical expertise in reviewing existing courses for potential revision.
  • Use technical expertise in reviewing proposals and content for new courses.
  • Identify new markets and topics.
  • Develop and support Association and International Chapter partnerships.
  • Coordinate educational activities with ASM Affiliates and pertinent ASM Committees.


 All Positions:

  • Current ASM Member
  • Familiarity with ASM Education course offerings
  • Interest in education and life-long learning
  • Knowledgeable in subject areas of ASM Education course content
  • Drive to deliver results according to plan and timeline.
  • Interest in strengthening ASM International as a professional society.


  • Maintains a clear understanding of the purpose of the Council and how its responsibilities relate to the purpose and strategies of ASM.
  • With the assistance of the staff liaison, the Chair establishes specific goals and objectives for the Council.
  • Maintains a well-balanced representation of Council members based on member technical interests, geographical location, and skill set.
  • Guides and contributes to the development, review, and revision of quality educational products, services, and opportunities.
  • With input from council members and the staff liaison, reviews and approves outlines for new or revised education courses.
  • Facilitates the decision making process by summarizing what has been discussed at the meeting and moving the Council toward a consensus.
  • Encourages, delegates responsibilities, and states expectations clearly while maintaining good listening and communication skills.
  • Advises on ASM Education development, editorial, and delivery policies.
  • Reviews technological developments that might influence the society.
  • Every January, provides the executive director with an Annual Report of Council activities, including a review of new technological developments that might influence the society and a status report on pertinent action items from the ASM Strategic Plan.


  • Maintains a clear understanding of the purpose of the Council and how its responsibilities relate to the purpose and strategies of ASM.
  • Possesses good listening and communication skills.
  • Assumes leadership responsibilities throughout the meeting in the event of the Chair's absence.
  • Assumes the leadership role in providing competent and capable individuals to nominate for:
    • ASM Awards Program (including ASM Fellows)
    • Vice President and Trustee
    • Nominating Council
    • Potential Committee Members
  • Understands that the role of Vice Chair often, but not always, leads to an appointment as Chair.


  • Prepares minutes of each Council meeting within two weeks of the meeting.
  • Provides a copy of the minutes to all Council members, the staff liaison, and appropriate ASM Board Strategy Team members.
  • At the direction of the Chair, communicates as needed with other ASM committees, councils, or staff concerning the Council's activities, actions, recommendations, or plans. This helps to coordinate the society's various activities and plans and removes blind spots.


  • Understands the goals and objectives of the Council and works towards them.
  • Participates in all Council meetings as well as any independent follow-up work that is assigned during the meeting.
  • Contributes to the success of the Council in achieving its objectives.

Council Size: Up to 12

Time Commitment: 1 hour virtual meeting every quarter, 1 face to face meeting per year (September/October for IMAT Conference) based on attendance at the conference, additional commitments based on tasks undertaken.

Volunteers Needed:

9 (9 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience




Susan Sellers
ASM International