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ASM Investment Committee

Signup Deadline: 05-01-2024
Starts: 10-01-2024
Ends: 09-30-2027


NOTE: In order to apply for this opportunity, please login to ASM Connect with your ASM website credentials.

Open call: The ASM Investment Committee annually seeks volunteers for three-year terms. Each year, a variable number of positions open on the Committee, and we keep an active list of those who have expressed interest for use at that time.

The Investment Committee is a standing committee of the ASM Board of Trustees and the ASM Materials Education Foundation Board of Trustees. It is authorized to act on the Boards’ behalf in order to achieve the Investment Objectives. It shall make recommendations to the Boards with respect to investment policy and acquisitions, depositions, and utilization of assets. It shall carry out the investment objectives fixed by the Society and the Foundation, and optimize assets as an investment. It shall submit reports of its activities to the Boards. The investment Committee uses professional investment advisors and is responsible for selecting and managing the advisors through established benchmarks and guidelines.

Members of the Investment Committee travel to one to two meetings per year and participation in virtual meetings. Investment Committee members must be individual professional members of the Society. It is preferred that Investment Committee volunteers have a good understanding of finance and investment strategy. Direct business experience is a plus. Prior experience in the volunteer leadership of ASM is also helpful.

To be considered for a position on the Investment Committee, please hit the “Apply Now!” button above. For more information contact ASM Chief Financial Officer, Veronica Becker at veronica.becker@asminternational.org

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Experience




Regina Weber