Important Dates and Details

The majority of ASM committees and councils meet during ASM's Annual Meeting in the fall. The ASM Board, Affiliate Society, and international activity meeting dates and locations vary.
As a professional courtesy, committee chairs and staff liaisons are responsible for informing committee members of meeting dates, times, and locations well in advance of any meeting.
Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings, but ASM recognizes that this is not always possible. Ordinarily, if committee members cannot attend at least half of their scheduled meetings, their ability to contribute is seriously impaired. Committee members residing outside North America often have a difficult time attending face-to-face committee meetings, so many meetings are now held via teleconference and WebEx with e-mail communication between meetings. 
Minutes of committee meetings are usually produced by the committee secretary or the staff liaison.
Recommendations to the Board of Trustees
Specific recommendations of ASM committees and councils are to be channeled through the Board Liaisons (as appointed for each committee/council to bring forth  to the ASM Board of Trustees' agenda. The staff liaison will be informed of any Board action or decision following the Board meeting and communicate back to the committee/council.
When an ASM member attends a committee meeting, it is customary for their employer to pay for travel, hotel, and incidental expenses. ASM works to provide reasonably priced housing for members, and also schedules meetings in advance so that members can obtain the most economical travel fares.
Important Dates
  • March: Committee and council chairs review their rosters to recommend new appointments and/or re-appointments for upcoming year.
  • April: ASM President-Elect reviews and recommends new and reappointments to ASM committees and councils for service beginning in October of same year.
  • May/June: ASM Board of Trustees meets to review and approve committee and council appointment recommendations.
  • October: Official term of office begins effective October 1st. Fall committee and council meetings occur in conjunction with ASM's Annual Meeting held in conjunction with IMAT.