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We are the Eastern Virginia Chapter of ASM International.  Our region runs from the North Carolina line in the south to Fredericksburg in the north, and Charlottesville in the west to the Altantic coast in the east (zip codes starting with 224, 225, and 230-238.)

Tredegar Iron WorksThere are two ASM National Historical Landmarks within our region.  The first is the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, designated as such in 1976.  It was also designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior in 1983.  The facility was the second most prolific manufacturer of cannons during the US Civil War despite operation at one third capacity due to the Union sea and land blockades.  It was also responsible for the fabrication of the armor for one of the first ironclad ships, the CSS Virginia.

The Mariners' Museum USS Monitor CenterThe second Historical Landmark relates to another of the first ironclads, the USS Monitor.  The Battle of Hampton Roads between the Monitor and the Virginia in March of 1862 signaled two of the most significant changes to the character of naval warfare - armor cladding and the development of the revolving gun turret.  The commemorative plaque is in the Monitor Center at The Mariners' Museum in Newport News.

Our members are involved in:

  • Shipbuilding (nuclear aircraft carriers, submarines, military ships) at Huntington - Ingalls

  • Air and space craft at the Langley Research Center of NASA

  • Basic and applied research involving radiation electron accelerators and free electron lasers

  • at Jefferson Lab operated for the Department of Energy

  • High tech materials such as single crystal turbine blades produced by Howmet in Newport News

  • Recycling of aluminum and manufacturing at Aleris in the Richmond area

  • Outdoor equipment manufacture at Stihl in Virginia Beach

  • Much more . . .

As a result, our membership is rich with strong, diverse materials related talent.  We host numerous plant tours and technical events to encourage dialogue, and we promote social settings to allow for networking.

Our membership is also involved in supporting material science and engineering education.  In this regard we have provided numerous scholarships to students seeking material science and/or engineering related college degrees.  Some of the scholarships continue until the student graduates so long as they remain in a materials related curriculum and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

When funding allows, we also sponsor ASM's Teachers Camps which provide instruction to high school and middle school teachers in ways they can incorporate materials science and technology into their lessons.  The camps provide specific demonstrations for use in the classroom.

Please look through our website, examine our planned activities, and participate.

Chapter By-Laws

The latest revisions to our chapter By-Laws were approved at the regular meeting of the Chapter Executive Committee on August 28, 2007 and voted on by the general membership by way of proxy during October of 2007. They became effective after a tally of the members' votes at a meeting of the Chapter Executive Committee on October 25, 2007.

A PDF copy of the by-laws may be downloaded here.

Chapter History

The American Society for Metals has had a presence in eastern Virginia for some time. A formal request for the establishment of a Richmond Chapter ASM was made by petition to National HQ on October 28, 1957. This petition was accepted by the Board of Trustees on November 5, 1957, and an organizational meeting was held in the Reynolds Metals Company dining room on November 20, 1957. The Charter presentation was made at the April 2, 1958, National Officers Night meeting by President G. M. Young and Secretary "Bill" Eisenman.

Initial membership of the chapter was approximately 50. This increased in 1958 to 110 as Reynolds Metals Company transferred a number of its employees from Louisville. Significant membership increases also occurred as employees from the Newport News Shipbuilding Company and the Babcock and Wilcox Company (Lynchburg) joined the chapter. In 1962, membership stood at 148.

In 1963 members from Newport News Shipbuilding decided to start a chapter in the Tidewater area and 35 members were transferred from the Richmond Chapter. The name chosen was the Hampton Roads Chapter. In 1999, a request was made to ASM to merge the two Chapters again. This brought the combined membership to about 240. The new Chapter name chosen was the Eastern Virginia Chapter.

Regular meetings have been held on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May. Outstanding speakers have presented a wide variety of information about metals, ranging in subject matter from practical uses and properties to fundamental scientific. Three special meetings were an annual custom: Student-Teacher Night, Ladies Night (May) and the Chapter has each year been invited to participate in the Joint Engineers Meeting (February). In addition to its regular meetings, the chapter hosted the Southern Metals Conference in 1967 and continues to sponsor educational seminars with continuing educational credits (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

Officers and members of our Chapter have been active in national affairs of ASM. They have participated in national Committee meetings, in meetings with officers of other chapters and have taught ASM courses at Materials Park. Also, members have been featured speakers at regular meetings of other chapters. The Chapter has been honored to have eight members elected to the ASM Fellow status.

Past Chairs:

Year Richmond Chapter
1957-58 Schrade F. Radtke
1958-59 Jerry A. Burke
1959-60 Carson L. Brooks
1960-61 Edwin C. Taylor
1961-62 T. Stevens Daugherty
1962-63 Erick F. Barkman
1963-64 S. John Sansonetti
  Richmond Chapter Hampton Roads Chapter
1964-65 Edwin Cox III Harvey Herring
1965-66 William W. Berkey Rayvine Hanford
1966-67 Auvo I Kemppinen Frank Duffey
1967-68 Bennie R. Ward W. Barry Lisagor
1968-69 Ted Katz G. S. Barlow Jr.
1969-70 John Patton Jr. Thomas Bales
1970-71 Richard F. Ashton Thomas Skorupa
1971-72 Rex G. Early B. A. Stein
1972-73 Sander A. Levy James Arthur
1973-74 John L. Jorstad Dick Royster
1974-75 Richard E. Hughes George Bales
1975-76 Donald R. Geisler Don Rummler
1976-77 George C. Hsu Tom Jennings
1977-78 John C. Miller Ed L. Hoffman
1978-79 George W. Steele Jerry Deaton
1979-80 H. Eddie Oliver Ross Wyatt
1980-81 Frank V. Gricus L. B. Thurston
1981-82 Robert E. Zinkham W. T. Freeman
1982-83 Richard A. Morley Tom Bales
1983-84 Tom L. Wilkinson Paul Kidder
1984-85 J. Les Kirby Bill James
1985-86 David S. Thompson Al Moberg
1986-87 Wayne W. Webster Bill Ossa
1987-88 Carrie D. Larson Mary Swain
1988-89 Tabb Williams Darryl Tenney
1989-90 Reinhard Rieder James Arthur
1990-91 James H. Burrell John Wagner
1991-92 Gary L. Bowman James Arthur
1992-93 Michele Harrington Ann VanOrden
1993-94 Robert Cooke Ann VanOrden
1994-95 Kevin Anderson Tom Jennings
1995-96 Seetharama C. Deevi Karen Tamminger
1996-97 Seetharama C. Deevi (Chapter Inactive)
1997-98 Seetharama C. Deevi (Chapter Inactive)
1998-99 Richard E. Hughes (Chapter Inactive)
1999-2000 Phillip E. Smith (Chapter Inactive)
  Eastern Virginia Chapter
2000-01 Rod Linnekin
2001-02 Ann Hypes
2002-03 Joel Jenkins
2003-04 Wendy Kuhnel
2004-05 Wendy Kuhnel
2005-06 Matt Burris
2006-07 Jeffrey Wiese
2007-08 Jeffrey Wiese
2008-09 Jeffrey Wiese
2009-10 Jeffrey Wiese
2010-11 Kurt Thompson
2011-12 Kurt Thompson
2012-13 Kurt Thompson
2013-14 Jeffrey Wiese
2014-15 Jeffrey Wiese
2015-16 Jeffrey Wiese
2016-17 Jeffrey Wiese
2017-18 David Conley
2018-19 David Conley
2019-20 Kurt Thompson
2020-21 Carter Almquist
2021-22 Carter Almquist