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Welcome to the San Diego Chapter of ASM International

March 22, 2018
Source: San Diego Chapter of ASM

Founded in Oct, 1942, the "ASM - San Diego" chapter has 78 years of history in bringing materials engineering professionals of various organizations from greater San Diego area.

Our chapter regularly holds monthly events that feature guest lecture presentations. Besides bringing engineering professionals together through various events, the San Diego chapter also recognizes young and upcoming professionals through various awards that include "Abe Hurlich Scholarship" for a graduate/undergraduate student and student awards for grade 7-12 student winners of "The Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair".

If you are a materials engineering professional from San Diego and would like to get involved / participate in our chapter activities, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to seeing you in our monthly events. Thanks.


Dr. Bob Klug
Communications Chair, ASM San Diego Chapter

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Kevin Woolworth, Collins Aerospace

Vice Chair:

Jenna Ward, Solar Turbines Inc.

Communications Chair:

Dr. Robert (Bob) Klug 

Treasurer/ Finance: 

Lana Rokhman, Solar Turbines Inc.

Educational Chair: 

Dr. Richard Bellows, Solar Turbines Inc.


Samantha Estabrooks, Solar Turbines Inc.

Student Outreach:

Jenna Metera, Univ. California San Diego

Members at Large:

Jose Aurrecoechea  &  Rachael Low


Chapter Email: