Chapter Officers


2021-2022 Officers:

Chapter Chair - Ryan Paul

Chapter Vice Chair - open - duties performed by committee

Treasurer - Jeremy Isler

Secretary - David Scannapieco


Executive Committee Members

Audit Committee Chairperson - Roseanne Brunello
Awards Committee Chairperson - Bob Vigneulle
Chapter Historian/Archivist - Dave Kovarik
Constitution and Long Range Planning - Dave Kovarik
CTSC Committee Chairperson - Dave Brown and Rosanne Brunello

ExComm Advisor - Diana Essock
ExComm Advisor - Greg Petrus
ExComm Advisor - Ivan Locci
ExComm Advisor - Jim Hyres
ExComm Advisor - Justin Sims
ExComm Advisor - Mark DeGuire
ExComm Advisor - Thomas Glasgow
Hospitality Committee Chairperson - vacant
Membership Committee Chairperson - John Kuli
Nominations Committee Chairperson - John Pickens
Publications - Website/Newsletter - Juli Chiara
Registration Committee Chairpserson - Matthew Gaydos
Social Committee Chairperson - Bob Vigneulle
Student Affairs and Scholarship Committee Chairperson - Dave Brown
Student Chapter Liason - CWRU - vacant
Symposium Coordinator - Othmane Benafan
Young Members Committee Chairperson - Dave Brown
Zay Jeffries Night Chairperson - David Ellis