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Announcing Heat Treater's Night 2023

  • 1.  Announcing Heat Treater's Night 2023

    Posted 10-02-2023 15:22
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    Heat Treater's Night 2023:
    "The future of gas combustion – Hydrogen and its effect on the heating of metals"


    Monday, Oct. 30, 2023
    5:30 PM Meet & Greet
    6:00 PM Dinner
    6:30 PM Talk & Tour

    FIVES North American Combustion, Inc.
    4455 E. 71st Street
    Cleveland, OH  44105

    ASM Members $25
    Non-members $30
    Retirees $15
    Students $5
    *Each heat treater company gets 1 free representative registration

    Justin Dzik, P.E.
    Director, Innovation & Business Development

    As the world looks to decarbonize, industrial processes will have to meet the challenges. One possible outcome for industrial decarbonization is changing to hydrogen as a fuel source from traditional carbon-based fuels. However, pure hydrogen as an industrial fuel source in the metals industry is largely unknown, specifically from its metallurgical impacts and its heating characteristics. The use of hydrogen is hypothesized to have different metallurgical impacts depending on the material. This is of specific interest to materials such as titanium or aluminum which have an affinity for hydrogen. Also, the heating characteristics of hydrogen combustion for each metal is of interest and specifically the focus of the study presented.

    Ryan Paul
    Associate Director, Research and Development
    GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
    Brooklyn Heights OH
    (330) 719-4136


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